Paula Jones | 10 December 2019

Why Would Becoming A Certified Agile Product Owner Benefit Me?

Whether you are new to the world of Agile principles, or are already knowledgeable on Scrum, becoming a certified Agile product owner opens up a whole load of new opportunities. Taking on the role of a product owner can be a daunting thought for many, but that is where TSG Training courses come in. We offer a range of certified Agile Product Owner training courses that are designed to help enhance your knowledge and introduce you to the role of product owner.

What Does Being An Agile Product Owner Mean?

Agile refers to the software development methodologies that are centred around iterative development. Solutions and requirements are evolved through collaboration between cross-functional teams, and one of these key team members is an Agile product owner. The Agile product owner works as the keeper of the requirements and provides the “single source of truth” for the rest of the team.

The product owners focus on the requirements and the planned order of implementation, making them the primary interface between the business and the customers. They work as the point of contact for any queries on product requirements, as well as acting as a buffer for the rest of the team for bug-fix and feature requests.

An Agile product owner will be the manager of the product backlog and is responsible for keeping all the information up to date and at an adequate level of detail. It is often a vast and complex role that requires excellent organisational skills and attention to detail.

It may seem daunting, but there are courses available to become a certified agile product owner, which include training and advice on how best to handle the role.

Find Out If An Agile Product Owner Role Is Right For You For Free!

At TSG Training, we regularly offer free webinars, to help further your understanding of different roles and training available. In March 2020, TSG Training is offering a free webinar discussing the role of an Agile product owner and Agile concepts. This is a must-attend event if you want to find out whether the position is right for you and what is involved. Our BCS webinar is ideal if your 2020 resolution is to climb that Agile career ladder.

Find out more about our FREE webinar here; BCS Agile Product Owner Free Webinar.

Why Become A Certified Agile Product Owner?

Working in an Agile product owner role is no easy task. However, official certification from a TSG Training course comes with a range of benefits. There are many reasons why becoming a certified agile product owner can help you achieve your career goals and enhance your prospects;

Expand Career Prospects

Various businesses across all industry sectors are adopting Agile practices, and by having a certification in the product owner role, you can open yourself up to new opportunities. Companies only just beginning to implement Agile will be seeking product owners who are knowledgeable in the role, and certification from TSG training is sure to stand out.

On the other hand, companies that have been using Agile practices for a while are already going to be aware of how it works and will seek employees that are also up to speed, to minimise their training expenses and downtime.

Learn New Skills

The Agile practices can be very overwhelming and confusing, and trying to pick them up on your own or on the job can lead to errors. Courses such as TSG Training’s Agile for Product Owners will teach you all the key points of Agile including what it is, the roles of the team and building and managing the backlog. When you become a certified agile product owner you will receive training that covers the full scope of the role and the foundations of how Agile works.

Demonstrate Agile Knowledge

Some product owners might have been working with Agile practices for some time and be completely self-taught. However, this can make proving your skills a difficult task when looking for new roles. By becoming a certified agile product owner, not only will you learn new best practices, but you can also easily demonstrate your skills with a certification. New potential employers will clearly see you know how to lead others, improve ROI and increase functionality of an agile team.

Increase Salary Potential

By becoming a certified Agile product owner you can increase your potential salary as well as career prospects. Many employers are prepared to pay higher salaries for team members with relevant certifications. The average salary for an Agile product owner in the UK is £41,000, but the average for a certified Agile product owner is over £45,000.

Meet Increasing Demand

90% of modern teams are adopting Agile making the industry full of new opportunities for qualified product owners. The demand for certified Agile product owners is on a steep rise as every high-functioning Agile team needs a well-trained product owner to make their critical decisions. Becoming a certified Agile product owner is a globally recognised certification and product owners with this training are in high demand.

Increased Performance

After becoming a certified Agile product owner, you are going to benefit in your day to day role through increased performance. Your new knowledge and training will help you to increase productivity within your Agile team and increase the likelihood of successful project delivery. You will learn about how to ensure projects are continually aligned with the business needs throughout the entire development process. Product owners will also get a good understanding of how Agile can be implemented alongside various other project management approaches.

Certified Agile Product Owner Courses At TSG Training

Here at TSG Training, we know the importance of becoming a certified agile product owner. We offer various courses to help you reach certification and teach you everything there is to know about Agile and the product owner role. Our Agile product owner courses include;

  • Agile for Product Owners: This two-day course is available to everyone seeking more knowledge about Agile practices and how they can help your business. The syllabus covers everything from a complete overview of what Agile is and its principles to Sprint planning and execution.
  • BCS EXIN Practitioner Certificate in Agile Scrum Product Owner: This training course is a comprehensive overview of the Agile Scrum product owner role. Taking place over three days, this course requires learners to have completed a BCS accredited Agile Scrum product owner training course and have knowledge of Scrum terminology. You will learn the Agile way of thinking, managing the product backlog, scaling Agile projects and much more.
  • Don’t forget, in March 2020, TSG Training is offering a free webinar discussing the role of an Agile product owner and the Agile concepts.