Matt | 05 November 2019

What Are The Skills Required For A PHP Developer?

Did you know that over 78% of the entire web is built using PHP? With this in mind, becoming a PHP developer is a much-wanted skill for businesses that require websites, applications, and programs. Whether you want to work for a start-up or massive enterprise, or simply create websites yourself, PHP is a fantastic skill to have and becoming a PHP developer will undoubtedly open the door to lots of opportunities, wherever you want to work.

So, what does it take to become a PHP developer, and what are the vital PHP developer skills to acquire?

What Is PHP?

Once known as Personal Home Page, PHP is now short for Hypertext Preprocessor and is a form of scripting language that developers can use for a range of purposes but usually web development. The PHP script language is popular because, unlike other script languages, you can execute the commands on the server, which then generates an HTML code. This means that clients or web users will be unable to detect what underlying code you are actually using.

A significant benefit of PHP is that thanks to its server-side scripting, it is quite a simple scripting language to pick up, and it is perfect for those who are new to web development to learn. However, despite being simple to learn, it does have an extensive range of features that means it is ideal for advanced professional PHP programmers too.

What Is A PHP Developer?

Often described as web developers, software developers, or app developers, a PHP developer uses the PHP script to create interfaces for a business or client. PHP developers are wanted in enterprises to work behind the scenes of the company’s websites, software, and apps. However, PHP development is also a popular self-employed or freelance role as many companies or clients will employ PHP developers for specific projects.

As PHP is a top language for start-ups and small businesses, many PHP developers will support a variety of organisations in their fledgling state. This can bring a great deal of satisfaction to watch these start-up businesses grow thanks to the interfaces that you create.

Typically, a PHP developer’s role will include aspects such as creating interfaces such as websites or website functions (this also includes software and apps, too). However, other tasks will consist of site administration, creating dynamic content for sites and testing the software.

In some cases, a PHP developer will create a prototype of the site they want to create in PHP thanks to the speed and ease of creation. However, once the prototype receives approval, they will then transfer it to another scripting language.

If you have a marketing or advertising background, then becoming a PHP developer may be the next logical step as PHP is a popular language for advertising and design projects.

Why Become A PHP Developer?

As an in-demand skill, you can expect attractive salaries for a PHP developer in the UK. A UK average salary for a PHP developer is £47,500. However, in technology hotspots such as Manchester, Bristol, and London, an experienced PHP developer can command a higher salary. The average salary for a PHP developer in London is £62,500 with a higher limit at around £72,500. In Bristol, the average wage is £52,500, with an upper limit of approximately £67,500.

PHP Developer Skills

If you want to become a PHP developer, then there are some critical skills to build up in order to land your first PHP developer role. These PHP developer skills include;

PHP Programming

While PHP is a relatively simple scripting language to pick up, the abilities of PHP are so extensive that it is wise to take part in a professional training course that covers PHP programming. During which, you can learn how to develop and maintain scripts as well as increase the functionality of PHP by learning how to create and use external PHP code, use PHP in an HTML space and create scripts using logical, relational and arithmetic systems and operators.

Find out more about PHP Programming training here.


As a PHP developer, you will be responsible for creating, building and maintaining interfaces at the request of the business or client. As a result, you will need to make sure you are entirely sure of the demands and objectives of the task.

It is important to remember that most requests will come from people who do not have the same technical skills and web development understanding as you. This will mean you will have to communicate in ways that are easy to understand if they don’t have knowledge of PHP.

It may not seem like a skill, but clients and businesses will favour PHP developers that are willing to communicate in a professional way that makes understanding between front end and back end clear. As a result, an e-learning course on business communication can be a great help.


Generally speaking, MySQL goes hand in hand with PHP development. As a result, it is best to learn both of these technical skills at the same time. MySQL is the database system that will allow you to develop PHP and HTML code. It is essential to learn how PHP and MySQL work together. This includes understanding the configuration of the code and the syntax of the system.

At TSG Training, we offer a fantastic opportunity to get to grips with both PHP and MySQL in a comprehensive and convenient two-day course. If you are looking to utilise PHP and MySQL within your work or for your clients, this is an ideal course that covers the critical elements such as how PHP interacts and MySQL and the security implications that go with it.

Project Management

In most cases, PHP developers will be responsible for specific projects. Each of these projects will have different budgets, milestones, scopes, proposals, and end dates. More often than not, a PHP developer will have to manage multiple projects at the same time. This is why having an ability to plan and manage projects is essential for PHP developers. Make sure you can deliver and exceed client or business expectations by mapping out your project before you begin.

In some businesses, you may have to follow a specific form of project management. For example, this could be PRINCE2® or Agile. As a result, having a basic grasp of a variety of project management techniques will help all of your projects to run smoothly.

What To Improve Your PHP Developer Skills?

If you’re looking to improve your web development skills with PHP knowledge, then speak to the team at TSG Training. Our friendly team can help you find the ideal web development or PHP training course for your needs. Simply call  08000 199337 or use our live chat function on our website to find out more.