Matt | 14 May 2020

Video Explanation of Exams

With the advent of COVID-19 there is much talk and change in the market around professional exams, so we thought it would be useful to clarify the different types of exams available today.

We offer three types of exam at TSG Training:

1. An exam in our classroom at the end of a course, where we pre-register you to sit the exam with the rest of your classmates. This is the norm.

2. A ‘Remotely Proctored’ exam after your course. This is typically used:
a. After a virtual Learning course; and/or
b. When you do not wish to leave your home or need to be somewhere specific for a live exam.

3. A Pearson Vue voucher for you to use in person at a Pearson Vue Centre at a time and place of your own choosing – even abroad!

Video Explanation of Exams