Training Credits – get more for your spend and reduce the cost of training by up to 45%!


You can buy credits at any time and exchange them for training for up to 12-months. See what you can save:

  • How our Training Credits work?

    Each course is allocated a number of credits. E.G an ISTQB Foundation is 3.2 credits. The usual price of this course is £799+VAT, but if you purchase 100 credits upfront the price reduces to £560+VAT.

  • What are the benefits?

    This makes it a very cost-effective way to use your training budget. Further, it saves on paperwork as you only need to issue one PO for the credits, and not raise a PO every time you book a course.

Notes on prices: The a

Notes on prices: The a

Notes on prices: The above prices do not include VAT. Any 3rd party courses will be deducted from your plan at list price. Discounts only apply to courses delivered by TSG Training ltd.

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