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The days of single skill competencies are over. Now more than ever our Testers need to develop multi-skilled competencies to maximise success in themselves and organisations, and our development programme aims to do just that.

Containing 5 learning and development streams, TSG’s Test Engineer Career Development Programme has been rigorously designed and tested to reflect the principles and competencies that are key to success and growing capability within each level of a Test Practice;

The 5 streams provide learning matched to career growth and the needs of a modern test practice and are as follows:

  1. Test Engineer for apprentices and entry level staff joining the Test Practice. Courses in this stream are aligned with the Government’s ‘Apprenticeship Programme’
  2. Senior Test Engineers with at least 2 years’ experience who are keen to develop their test capability further by specialise in one or more test disciplines
  3. Lead Test Engineers with at least 4 years’ experience who are looking to become test managers with an additional specialism
  4. Test Architects and Consultants with at least 5-years’ experience who will be setting out the stall for major test programmes and influencing decision makers and stakeholders
  5. Test Experts who will be driving top level strategy and methods for corporate improvement.

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