Matt | 15 August 2023

Successful Test Engineering and The ISTQB Programme for Professional Capability Development | Benefits for Professionals and Employers

The ISTQB Programme in Depth

The ISTQB programme has been developed with the needs of today’s complex systems and delivery methods firmly in mind. With over one million certifications to date, it is, without doubt, the leading global certification scheme in the field of software testing.

ISTQB® established, and continues to evolve, the internationally recognized Certified Tester scheme, which is a portfolio of certifications that develop, extend, and validate testing skills. The scheme is built around syllabi created by a global network of experts, the ISTQB® Glossary, sample exams, and the Testing Body of Knowledge (TBOK).

The Certified Tester Foundation Level certification provides testing professionals with essential terminology and a breadth of knowledge. It is the prerequisite to the other modules within the scheme which offer depth and specialization.

  1. The “Core” stream modules are valid for any technology/ methodology/ application domain and build on the Foundation Level.
  2. The “Agile” stream focuses on testing practices specifically for the Agile methodology.
  3. The “Specialist” stream provides a deep dive into areas which may be based on quality characteristics, specific test approaches and test activities, or which cluster testing know-how for certain industry domains.

Benefits for Professionals

ISTQB® is the international standard in the field of software testing certification. Whether you are just getting started in a career in testing or have been in the field for a number of years, earning an ISTQB® certification offers significant benefits:

  • An independent, internationally recognized validation of skills that employers trust;
  • Portable proof of ability for both current and future employment;
  • Career progression support through the advancement of testing skills;
  • Enhanced professional credibility (certificate holders have authorized use of the applicable ISTQB® “Certified Tester” logo)

“Would you recommend ISTQB® certification to your colleagues?”

ISTQB Recommendation

(Source: ISTQB® Effectiveness Survey 2020

Benefits for Employers

ISTQB® certification offers significant benefits to employers by supporting recruitment, retention, and development of testing professionals within the organization:

  • Competitive advantage by giving clients greater confidence in your business through a higher level of reliability of the applications being developed due to efficient and cost-effective testing practices;
  • Consulting companies with certified staff can offer higher-level services to customers, increasing revenues and brand value;
  • Common language and understanding of testing throughout the organization to improve collaboration and working practices;
  • Access to the ISTQB® Partner Program.