Quality Assurance

Testing is important, assurance is vital

Assurance for us is about providing continual demonstration of compliance against requirements as a system is specified, developed, tested and delivered as a solution in which you and the business can have confidence.

Working on the basis of full validation and information traceability, we combine our significant domain and life cycle experience to make sure that the right solution is being built for the business and that it is being built right to offer a return on investment.

This common-sense approach to assurance serves to both inform risk and provide confidence to business and IT alike as a solution progresses. Importantly, it provides the ability to make informed decisions based on complete and factual information at every stage of the systems development and delivery life cycle and into production.

How can TSG help with my software testing programmes?

Our support programmes range from developing and implementing a cogent policy and strategy, through to testing both small and business critical development projects through the life cycle and then business as usual. Our experience is multi sector and we work across a broad spectrum of programmes, including bespoke developments to complex testing of ERP systems.

For more information e-mail:  softwareservices@testing-solutions.com  or call us on 0207 469 1500


Software Testing Quality Assurance (STQA) attempts to answer the question, “are we building the right thing in the right way"?

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