About the Course

This eLearning package contains all the information required to pass the exam without the need to attend a classroom**, including:

  • Full course material designed specifically around the syllabus for self-learning
  • Interactive self-assessment quizzes
  • Mock exam questions
  • Hints & Tips on remembering key elements of the model

In addition to the course material, you also get:

  • Access to our TMMi support team of experienced accredited assessors***
  • Membership to the Experimentus TMMi Alumni when you pass the exam****
  • Discounts on Experimentus’ wide range of TMMi Assessment tools and templates

** You will have access to the course content for 3 months from the date of activation. Access can be extended by contacting Experimentus support

*** Access includes invitations to “TMMi drop-in surgeries” for 3 months and 6 months of access to our support team to answer course and syllabus related questions via support.experimentus.com

**** Requires proof of purchase of the course eBook and production of a valid ISQI TMMi Professional Exam pass certificate when applying

Who will the course benefit?

Anyone who could engage with customers to deliver the TMMi offerings, this could include:

  • Test process improvers
  • TMMi lead assessors or assessors
  • Aspiring TMMi lead assessors or assessors
  • Business stakeholders
  • Program/Project Test Managers
  • Test Leads
  • Test Analysts
  • Test Consultants




The Exam:

The Exam

Exam not included


Course Objectives

The objectives of this course are to provide:

  • A detailed understanding of the TMMi model and its origins,
  • A detailed understanding of the TMMi process areas,
  • An understanding of the different assessment approaches,
  • Information enabling you to explain the importance of test process improvement to management,
  • An understanding of the model to provide guidance and advice on a project when using TMMi as a basis for test process improvement,
  • Awareness of the relationship to CMMI,
  • Skills to act as a co-assessor on informal assessments
  • A detailed understanding of the process improvement model IDEAL
  • Preparation for the TMMi Professional exam

Key points

The Test Maturity Model integration (TMMi) Professional qualification has been developed for anyone involved in using or wanting to use the TMMi model. The course has been developed to meet the requirements of the TMMi Professional Syllabus version 1.0. and prepare students for the TMMi Professional exam. The successful completion of the exam is a prerequisite to becoming a TMMi lead assessor or assessor. Students will be provided with the following:

  • A detailed understanding of the structure and content of the TMMi model, including the Goals, Process Areas and Practices for each level
  • An opportunity to sit practice TMMi Professional exam type questions, including a timed mock exam
  • This standalone course is designed to help attendees understand the TMMi Model in detail and prepare them for the exam