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The software testing engineering sector is massively understaffed, with current shortage of skills estimated as high as 40% worldwide. This is an extraordinary shortage when we know that testing consumes around 30% of budget on all major development programmes! (Capgemini world testing report)

You can move into software testing engineering at any time, either as a raw beginner or someone who has usable skills from prior IT experience or another sector. Essentially, testing is something we do every day in life and have more experience of than we might imagine on first thought. So why not formalise those skills in a new career that provides ample room and opportunity for growth, as well as job satisfaction.

The opportunity really is now, but your entry point into your new career as a Software Testing Engineer really depends on:

– Your level of professional experience in the IT field, which can be none!

– Whether you are technically minded or more business focussed – there is ample room for both, and both are in equal demand and provide good value to development programmes!

– What you want to get out of a move into Software Testing Engineering and your long term plans and ambitions.

* Stage 1 of our professional development programme is about imbuing you with competencies that you can use immediately in your job by introducing you to:

– The fundamentals of test engineering and the part it plays in development programme and organisational success.

– A qualification that is looked for by employers and recognised worldwide as the de facto standard from which to grow to more advanced levels.

– The option to specialise in subjects such as automation, artificial intelligence, and others, early on

Ideally, you will travel through Stage 1 as part of your employment so that you have an opportunity to practice learned skills. Once complete, you will be a fully-fledged Software Test Engineer who has progressed through a programme recognised by the BCS. Further, you will have an opportunity to progress through the programme and develop skills that are right for your career and your employer’s needs. These include:

* Stage 2: Developing into a Senior Test Engineer / Test Team Leader

* Stage 3: Developing leader skills to become a Lead Test Engineer or Test Manager

* Stage 4: Moving into Test Architecture and Consulting

* Stage 5: The world leading test expert

See more on all of the stages in the complete programme by downloading it here.

Whilst TSG Training is not an employer of Software Testing Engineers, the average salary for 2-years’ experience is around £45,000.