Matt | 09 June 2022

ISTQB AI for Testers Webinar Recording

As we all know, Artificial Intelligence has been the big thing over the last few years, with new uses and applications being developed all the time to help make our lives better.

But what it is all about, and just how do we test new systems and application that deliver AI solutions. It is true that many test techniques remain relevant, but it is radically different.
Join us on Jul 15th, where our AI expert, Rosie Sheldon, will be talking about the ISTQB AI for Testers course and how it benefits both employees and employers to implement new AI solutions.
This new course from ISTQB addresses:

  • An introduction to AI
  • Quality characteristics for AI based systems
  • Machine learning overview
  • Machine learning data
  • Machine learning functional performance characteristics
  • Machine learning neural networks and testing
  • Testing AI based systems
  • Testing AI specific quality characteristics
  • Methods and techniques for testing AI based systems
  • Test environments for testing AI based systems
  • Using AI for testing

Webinar Recording