About the Course

With the ever-increasing numbers of security breaches, both human and machine-based, significantly more understanding is required from testers to ensure that the proper quality assurance measures are in place for assuring the security of IT systems.

Many courses about security testing concentrate solely on the very technical hacking side of things, which is great, but it is not the whole picture. This course is aimed at the softer-side of security testing and addresses the following key elements and how we manage them from a testing perspective through the life cycle from inception to delivery, including:

  • Human lapses
  • Malicious insiders
  • Malicious outsiders
  • Lack of adequate defenses and testing of the defenses that are in place
  • Defective software in general
  • A limited view of security and testing
  • Placing too much trust in technology
  • Security is an afterthought in most development projects
  • Lack of awareness at the executive level. Everybody knows cybersecurity is a problem, but very few people know how to deal with the risks and challenges.

Who is it for?

The ISTQB Advanced Security course is for Technical Testers, Security Testers, Security Co-ordinators and Managers, plus testers and test managers who are serious about including security aspects into their test plans or who want to specialise.


"I thought ISTQB Advanced Security Tester was an excellent course that covered the syllabus well and in an interesting and engaging way. Having one of the authors of the ISTQB syllabus (Randall Rice) present the training content that he personally developed was a great bonus of course, and his enthusiasm for the topic was refreshing. The syllabus and course are a good bridge between the worlds of testing (as taught by ISTQB) and the technical world of penetration testing, without going in to the depths required by a pure security qualification like CISSP. I would certainly be looking to put other people through the course in the future"Chris Jones, Senior Managing Consultant, IBM

Entry Requirements

  • A Certificate at ISTQB Foundation level must have been awarded for candidates to sit this course
  • It is recommended that candidates have at least three-years testing experience before attempting the course and exam.
The Exam:

The Exam

To qualify as an internationally-recognized Certified Advanced Level Security Tester and be issued with an ISTQB® Advanced Level Certificate, delegates must successfully pass the exam administered by the relevant National Board or Examination Provider.

The 2-hour exam held on the last day of the course in the afternoon contains 45 questions, of which 60% must be answered correctly for a pass to and certificate to be awarded.

If English is not your first language, please advise us so that we can apply for an additional 30-minutes of exam time for you.


Syllabus and Timetable of Learning

Module 1 - The Basis of Security Testing

  • Security Risks
  • Information Security Policies and Procedures
  • Security Auditing and Its Role in Security Testing.

Module 2 - Security Testing Purposes, Goals and Strategies

  • Introduction
  • The Purpose of Security Testing
  • The Organizational Context
  • Security Testing Objectives
  • The Scope and Coverage of Security Testing Objectives.
  • Security Testing Approaches
  • Improving the Security Testing Practices
  • ISTQB Advanced Security Tester Certification Course.

Module 3 - Security Testing Processes

  • Security Test Process Definition
  • Security Test Planning
  • Security Test Design
  • Security Test Execution
  • Security Test Evaluation
  • Security Test Maintenance.

Module 4 - Security Testing Throughout the Software Lifecycle

  • Role of Security Testing in a Software Lifecycle
  • The Role of Security Testing in Requirements
  • The Role of Security Testing in Design
  • The Role of Security Testing in Implementation Activities
  • The Role of Security Testing in System and Acceptance Test Activities
  • The Role of Security Testing in Maintenance.

Module 5 - Testing Security Mechanisms

  • System Hardening
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Encryption
  • Firewalls and Network Zones
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Malware Scanning
  • Data Obfuscation
  • Training.

Module 6 - Human Factors in Security Testing

  • Understanding the Attackers
  • Social Engineering
  • Security Awareness.

Module 7 - Security Test Evaluation and Reporting

  • Security Test Evaluation
  • Security Test Reporting.

Module 8 - Security Testing Tools

  • Types and Purposes of Security Testing Tools
  • Tool Selection.

Module 9 - Standards and Industry Trends

  • Understanding Security Testing Standards
  • Applying Security Standards
  • Industry Trends.
4 Days

Course Dates

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