Matt | 05 November 2020

How To Shine In A Business Analyst Job Interview

Business analysts are in high demand these days, and there an abundance of companies looking to recruit these roles. While the advantage is often in the candidates’ favour when it comes to business analyst recruitment, the interview is still vital.

A job interview is all about finding out if you are a right for the company, and if the company is the right fit for you. Before you head to your next business analyst job interview, make sure you are well prepared and ready to impress. Here are our top tips on how to shine in a business analyst job interview.

Consider The Questions

When preparing for a business analyst job interview, it is important you prepare for the questions you are likely to be asked. Interviewers will be looking for specific answers from candidates, which demonstrate that you are dedicated to your skills and knowledgeable about the role. Some of the most popular business analyst interviews questions include;

  • Why have you pursued a career as a business analyst? Interviewers use this question to understand your career goals and interests. Talk about your academic achievements and experience working as a business analyst.
  • What are the key strengths a business analyst should have? Interviewers ask these kinds of questions to find out what skills you think are vital for success. Discuss both the hard and soft skills that are ideal for a business analyst role.
  • Give me an example of a time you have failed to meet a deadline? Questions like this can really throw you off in an interview, as no one wants to highlight their failures. Remember that nobody is perfect, and the interviewer knows that. They want to hear about what you learned from your failure, and what you do now to ensure it doesn’t happen again.
  • How do you maintain your professional standards and keep up to date as a business analyst? This question is used to find out how you keep your finger on the pulse. Talk about books, articles, podcasts, blogs, webinars and anything else you do to stay in the loop.

Convey What You Do

Knowing your own worth and value as a business analyst is one thing but being able to communicate it to others is very different. As a business analyst, it is vital that you can articulate your importance to a company. This shows you have a full understanding of your role and your skills.

It can help to practice explaining what you do as a business analyst, and the importance you bring, to family and friends and that don’t understand your role. It might seem futile having to explain the role of a business analyst whilst in a job interview for the position; however, being able to communicate your worth effectively is very important.

Discuss Your Problem Solving Skills

Problem-solving is one of the most important skills a business analyst can have. It is vital that you can discuss this during an interview and highlight how you work to solve problems.

A popular initiative among some business analysts is to hold regular committees in order to practice and home in on creative problem-solving techniques. This could be a once a week lunch where you all sit down and discuss hypothetical situations and how you could solve for them. They don’t have to be relevant to the business or your role; instead, it is just about finding solutions to problems in an innovative way.

Demonstrating that you are the kind of business analyst that will go the extra mile is invaluable in a job interview.

Be A Part Of A Community

Business analysts that reach out further than their company and are a part of a wider business analyst community often have greater success in their careers. There is a huge support network out there for those in business analyst roles, including regular webinars, conferences and social events.

Getting involved in this community can help you to learn from other likeminded individuals. You will have the opportunity to tap into an impressive network of other business analysts, which can help you further your own career.

Invest In Yourself

Some business analysts think they can progress their careers and thrive in the role using real-life experience alone. In actual fact, proper training and development are essential for a successful career as a business analyst. When you try to learn everything on the job, and from senior business analysts around you, there is no guarantee you are learning everything correctly.

Formal training is the most effective way of demonstrating your skills as a business analyst. Furthermore, investing in training is worthwhile when it comes to progressing your business analyst career.

Here at TSG Training, we offer a range of training courses to help further your career as a business analyst. Having any of our business analyst courses on your resume will help you stand out from the crowd in interviews and improve your skills in the role.

Business Analysis Training Options

Our Business Analysis Foundation eLearning course can be completed from the comfort of your own home. It provides you with a solid understanding of the business analyst role, techniques and processes. This course is an excellent place to start if you are looking to begin a career in business analysis.

Our BCS Business Analysis Practice course takes place over three days, either in a classroom or virtually. It provides an introduction to the essential skills of business analysis, with an emphasis on real-life scenarios. The course has been designed for those working as a business analyst that want to demonstrate and improve their knowledge.

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