Matt | 06 January 2022

How Software Testing Helps Reduce Development Cost

Every company wants to find ways to keep costs to a minimum while also producing the highest quality produce or service. Software development is no exception, and software testing is a critical part of reducing costs.

Many people feel that testing is essential for user experience and producing a quality product but see it as an additional expense in the process. The truth is that software testing can help keep development costs to a minimum and ensure that a business maximises profits.

This article explores exactly how software testing reduces development costs and why it should be a priority for you and your team.

The Price Of Software Failure

No matter the type of software you are working with, failure is going to be costly. Many companies underestimate the financial cost of a bug or fault in their programme or application.

For many teams, it seems like something of minimal significance when the bug goes unnoticed, but afterwards, a bug can cause a lot of problems. Software errors can destroy large amounts of work, impact the overall quality of the product, and reduce customer satisfaction.

All businesses depend on satisfied customers to make their money, and unhappy customers can be an expensive problem. Failing to properly test software and pushing out updates that are buggy and prone to errors will ultimately impact your brand reputation and put consumers off for good.

It is always better to invest in excellent software testing than save on testing and have to try and save your reputation later down the line. Put simply; software failures will result in a financial loss.

In the US, businesses lose roughly $60 billion every year because of software bugs, according to the Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Just one little bug that is picked up during the early stages could cost just £100 to resolve, which is minimal in the grand scheme of things. However, if that bug is left throughout every development stage and goes into production, it could cost over £10,000 to fix.

The earlier a software error is picked up, the easier and cheaper it will be to eliminate. Thorough software testing is critical for software development and keeping costs to a minimum.

The Benefits Of Software Testing

There are so many reasons why software testing and quality assurance should be at the heart of your development process. It simply isn’t possible to create reliable, effective software with QA and testing, and you will only be able to develop the best products when you are focusing on these areas. Some of the key benefits of investing in software testing are:


  • Save Money: We have already covered how expensive a software bug can be for a business. The more errors and bugs you have in your software, the more expensive it will be to resolve. By investing in adequate testing and QA, you can keep your costs to a minimum. It is far cheaper to detect bugs in the earliest development stages with QA testing than to try and fix them further in the process.


  • Prevent Catastrophes: It isn’t just the cost of resolving bugs that you need to consider when it comes to corporate software products. An error in this software could have huge consequences such as a complete system blackout, missing data, or collapsed communication. For many organisations, these scenarios could be tragic and very damaging.


  • Gain Customer Trust: With so much competition in software today, customer loyalty is everything. You need to make sure your customers trust and rely on your software to keep them from switching to a competitor. If your products are buggy and error-prone, they will quickly lose confidence in your company.


  • Improved User Experience: User experience is so important in software, and it all comes down to testing and QA. Customers do not want to have to download multiple updates just to have a product that works well, so make sure your user experience is fantastic from the offset with adequate testing. Software testers are skilled in enhancing the customer experience and will undoubtedly improve your overall user experience.


  • Improved Profits: Business is all about maximising your profits and growing your bottom line. When your product is of the best quality, thanks to software testing, you can reasonably charge a higher price. This will be more than enough to cover all the testing expenses and additional costs while also keeping customers happier.


  • High Productivity And Efficiency: Software testing will help improve the efficiency of the entire development process and enhance your overall productivity. With QA testing in place, each development stage will go smoothly and quickly, finishing up with an excellent result.


Automated Testing And Development Costs

Automated testing is more popular than ever before and can help reduce development costs even further. With automation, software testing time is dramatically reduced, and straightforward, repetitive tests can be completed in seconds.

Automated testing doesn’t work for every testing stage or operation, but, for some situations, it can save a huge amount of time and investment. You can use automated testing to save on:

  • Test cases which need to be repeated multiple times.
  • Monotonous and tiresome test cases that take up a lot of time.
  • Testing multiple devices, browsers and environments for each test case.
  • Running multiple test cases with different conditions.

If you are ready to improve your software testing and reduce your development costs, you need to ensure your team is well-trained and skilled in testing. At TSG Training, we provide online and classroom training courses to cover everything you need to know about software testing.

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