Matt | 14 February 2023

How AI Is Accelerating Business Analysis

AI is the future for business analytics in regards to time-saving when searching for the root cause of underlying issues. Artificial intelligence-driven business analytics provide organisations with machine learning algorithms that can identify trends from complex data and extract insights over multiple sources.

AI is quick to learn and adapt to changes in metrics and behavioural patterns, greatly helping business analysis. Along with this, it has more precision when detecting deviations and anomalies, which reduces false positives significantly.

Artificial intelligence is not new, it’s been around for a while, and it can be found everywhere. It is thought that by 2024 AI will have been adopted by 75% of organisations, so if you don’t want to be left behind, now is the time to jump on board.

Some of the main benefits of implementing AI-driven analytics include the following:

  • Saving time;
  • Minimising the efforts of humans;
  • Improving the efficiency of businesses;
  • Increasing productivity through delivering fast insights;
  • Reducing the complexity of data;
  • Being able to manage large volumes of data effectively;
  • Continuous optimisation of data.


The first step towards accelerating business analysis with AI

The first step towards using AI to provide real-world applications in business is to get certified in artificial intelligence. The BCS Essentials in Artificial Intelligence course from TSG Training is the first stop.

This essentials course covers the benefits of AI for accelerating business analysis, the different types of AI, the basic process of machine learning, the future of AI and much more.

The best AI tools for business analysts

So, you know that the future of business analytics is AI but what are the best tools to implement?


  1. Microsoft Power BI

One of the most powerful and top AI tools for analysing data is Microsoft Power BI. It is a platform allowing analysts to sort through collected data and visualise it to get insight. Data may be imported from almost any source, and reports can be built straight away.

Another useful aspect of Microsoft Power BI is that it allows users to build machine learning models along with making use of other AI-powered features for data analysis. If Microsoft tools are already used within the enterprise, Power BI is easy to implement and use for the building of dashboards, data reporting and data visualisation.

Microsoft Power BI is so powerful due to:

  • The way it integrates with applications that are already in existence;
  • It assists in the publishing of secure reports;
  • There are no speed or memory constraints;
  • Personal dashboards can be created.


  1. Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals

Microsoft Azure AI helps to drive business results along with improving the experience of customers with AI solutions.

Azure AI is a portfolio of artificial intelligence services specifically designed for developers, allowing them to do more with less. Azure offers the flexibility to:

  • Build and deploy your own AI solutions;
  • Accessing vision, speech and language in high quality;
  • Creating machine learning models.

To get started, business analysts can get certified in Microsoft Azure AI fundamentals with one of the leading training providers in the UK, TSG Training.


  1. Tableau analytics and data visualisation platform

Another valuable AI tool that accelerates business analysis is Tableau. This is a valuable analytics and data visualisation platform allowing user interaction with their data. The reason it is so popular is that you don’t require coding knowledge.

Some of the advantages of learning and implementing Tableau include:

  • The ability to support data blending;
  • Complex computations;
  • Dashboarding;
  • Being able to create interactive visualisations quickly;
  • It is easy to implement;
  • Has the ability to handle large amounts of data.


  1. Akkio business analytics and forecasting tool

Akkio is a popular business analytics and forecasting tool allowing users to analyse data and predict possible outcomes. It is an excellent tool for beginners to get started.

This AI tool is great for:

  • Predictive analysis;
  • Improving sales and marketing;
  • You don’t need any prior coding experience to use it.


  1. MonkeyLearn AI data analysis

MonkeyLearn is among the best AI tools for data analytics, allowing users to analyse, visualise and rearrange data. The tool combines many AI text analysis tools for instant analysis and visualisation of data for the needs of the user.

Other benefits of using MonkeyLearn include the following:

  • Setting up of text classifiers;
  • Set up text extractors for automatic sorting data;
  • Extracting user data and product features;
  • Saving hours on processing data manually;
  • Easy sorting and processing of data;
  • No coding knowledge is needed.


  1. Polymer for powerful, flexible databases

Last on our list is Polymer. Polymer is robust, and offers powerful artificial intelligence for users to transform data into flexible and powerful databases. As with other tools, no coding is required.

Data is analysed and can be improved without having a lengthy onboarding process. Users can simply upload spreadsheets to the tool and instantly transform them into a flexible and streamlined database.

Polymer stands out in accelerating business analysis in that it is the only AI tool that can make spreadsheets instantly intelligent, searchable and interactive. This makes it a great tool for data analysts, content creators and more.

The benefits of learning and using Polymer include:

  • Easy to transform data into a database;
  • You don’t have to learn to code;
  • Spreadsheets are interactive and can be searched;
  • Data can be analysed, and the user’s understanding improved.


Learn AI and get the most from it with courses

As with anything, to get the best from AI tools, you have to learn how to use them correctly.

TSG Training is one of the leaders in the UK offering a wide range of AI training courses. Artificial intelligence is being used in every industry and is the way forward to accelerate business analysis. Learning through courses and becoming certified opens up plenty of new opportunities.

Courses allow analysts to learn about the practices, backgrounds and processes of artificial intelligence. Courses are open to all levels of ability and are led by tutors, with courses starting from just a single day.

To find out more contact us, and one of our team members with more than 20 years of experience will get back in touch with you.