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SAFe Courses

Scaled Agile Framework®, also known as SAFE®, is a value-driven practice designed to support business agility. TSG Training is delighted to offer a range of SAFe® courses to support individuals in their professional development.

Why Get SAFe® certified?

· High demand for certified professionals

· Skills for scalable business agility

· Increased earning potential and salary levels

· Lead exciting business transformations

· Feel empowered with an agile mindset and transferable skills

What Is SAFe®?

Scaled Agile Framework® is a popular framework to allow businesses to scale their Agile, Lean and DevOps systems sustainably. With SAFe® certifications, professionals can create sustainable, customisable scaling based on a popular framework.

Developed for all scalable enterprises, the SAFe® methodology can drive business transformations that can improve the customer experience, operational efficiencies, responsiveness, decision-making and team collaboration.

By becoming a SAFe® certified professional, you can drive the business-changing activities that take organisations to the next level and provide vital business value.

SAFe® Certification With TSG Training

Offering a range of SAFe® courses, TSG Training offer highly rated, accredited training to unlock your career potential and provide a vast range of opportunities to advance your profession and the organisations you work with.

With TSG Training, we offer a range of courses to support you in every step of your career. From SAFe® DevOps Certification, which takes you through the CALMR approach to help you refine your delivery pipelines in your DevOps work. We also offer Leading SAFe Certification, which enables delegates to implement Lean Portfolio Management and become a certified Agilist and create agile teams and an effective workplace.

As with all TSG Training courses, you’ll receive all of the course materials, training notes and exams included in the cost of the training. In addition, with each course, you’ll receive training from certified and experienced trainers, all here to help give you the knowledge, skills and application to take your Agile career to the next level.

Empowered decision making

With SAFe® certification, you play a powerful role in helping projects, teams and businesses move forward. The skills and accreditation of the course can help to showcase your knowledge and provide confidence so that you feel empowered when it comes to driving sustainable, transformational business change.

With agility being a critical skill for fast-moving businesses, SAFe® courses provide practical examples and real-world experience so you can hit the ground running with your qualification.

From scaling to quality improvements, reducing time to market to customised implementations, the Scaled Agile Framework® offers a wealth of benefits to organisations. As a result, SAFe® certified professionals are not only in high demand for their implementation abilities but their transferable agile skills that can deliver real business growth and value through quick-thinking, empowered decision-making.


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