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Project Management Training Courses

When efficiency and effectiveness are critical in today’s workspaces, project management remains a much-required skill. Combining critical aspects such as high-level strategic thinking, leadership, and organisation – a project management certification can propel work projects forward, help with the running of businesses and organising personal plans too.

At TSG Training, we offer a range of project management training courses using a variety of techniques to support projects, from Agile to Prince2 to MSP. Whether you’re just getting started with project management or looking to advance your skills, TSG Training offers foundation and practitioner project management courses.

What Do TSG Training Project Management Courses Include?

· Choice of classroom or virtual courses

· Train with certified trainers where 98% of delegates rate as good or excellent

· Exams and materials included in the training price

· Ability to take the exam in the classroom, online or at a Pearson Vue centre

· Full support and the ability to spread the cost to suit your needs.

Key Benefits Of Project Management Courses

Versatility: Project management is used across a variety of sectors from engineering, healthcare, law, fintech, as so much more. By training with project management certification, you’ll have an adaptable skill that you can apply across a multitude of industries.

Goal Getting: Learning project management skills can help to transform goals and ideas into achievable realities. By understanding how to create effective plans, incorporating budgets, priorities and scopes can all help to hit your goals and targets effectively, without the busywork. These are skills you can use across the workplace and in your home life too.

Hit Deadlines: A goal without a plan can lead to procrastination and financial loss. However, when multiple projects take place at any one time, it can be hard to hit deadlines unless it is well-tracked. Using project management techniques, tools, and frameworks makes it easier to strategise, foresee potential issues, and keep to your deadlines.

Enhanced Leadership: Project management training can help you and the project to stay organised. When you’re organised, it is easier to focus on supporting your team and giving clear direction, enhancing leadership and team cohesion. A project management framework can work wonders allowing your team to thrive and facilitating open discussion and ways of working that can achieve the project’s objectives.

Highly Valued Skill: Project management certification is becoming an increasingly required skill for many organisations. Businesses continue to see the benefit of hiring project managers who can follow company frameworks and know-how to get engagement from stakeholders as well as getting the best from their team.

Prince2, Agile or Prince2 Agile?

At TSG Training, we offer certification in a range of project management disciplines, but we know that some people may be confused about which is the right project management route for them.

Prince2: This accreditation is incredibly popular and is the most widely used methodology in the world. As a result, Prince2 can be a fantastic foundation in the world of project management and is used across a range of businesses and industries across the world.

Agile: This is an approach in project management that covers a range of different project delivery methods. Aspects such as Lean, Scrum and Kanban can all be considered under the Agile umbrella. Agile is ideal for those in delivery teams and those who are in a constant cycle of development, refinement, and feedback.

Prince2 Agile: This amalgamation of two practices focuses on the principle of ‘fit or flex’. It uses the same principles and processes as Prince2 but provides guidance on adapting this methodology to Agile projects. Prince2 Agile typically ensures time and cost are fixed, but other options such as scope, project quality and deliverables may be flexible.

Finding The Right Project Management Courses For You

At TSG Training, we’re here to help you find the right project management course for you. If you need more support in finding the accreditation that will help you reach your goals, our team is always happy to advise. Get in touch today for your free consultation.

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