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Develop new skills and set yourself up for success with IT security courses from TSG Training.

Cyber security is more important than ever before. Whether you are a business looking to improve your security or an individual wanting to improve your skills, IT security courses are an effective choice. With IT security certification courses, you can learn the latest risks and how to tackle them safely.

IT security training is in huge demand, and many businesses are looking to employ individuals who are well-versed in the world of cybersecurity. Our range of IT security specialist courses cover everything from the basic fundamentals up to advanced security testers. You and your team can learn everything there is to know about cyber security, including the risks of cloud computing and how to protect data online.

What Do IT Security Courses Include?

We offer a wide range of IT security specialist courses. All of our training options are suited to different skill levels and existing experience, so you can choose the right course for you and your team. What is included in IT security courses will vary depending on the training you choose, but the majority of our courses provide;

· Multiple days of training, usually between 3 and 5 days depending on the chosen IT security course.

· Online or classroom training to suit your learning preferences and work around your commitments.

· Comprehensive workbooks with all the course materials and syllabus.

· Online training material, including exam preparation and revision assistance.

· Qualification exams either online or at a Pearson Vue venue, depending on the course chosen.

Benefits Of IT Security Training

IT security training is extremely beneficial on both a personal and business level. It can help progress your career and open up new opportunities while also protecting the business and its customers. Some of the key business benefits of completing IT security courses are;

Improved Security: This might sound obvious, but IT security training will make a business more secure. When your team have completed IT security certification courses, everyone involved will be even more aware of cyber threats. Employees who are not aware of the capabilities of cybercriminals will be ill-equipped to protect the company from threats.

Save Money: Data breaches and cyber security attacks cost businesses billions every year. If IT security training courses can prevent just one attack in a business, then it has already paid for itself. Investing in IT security training for your employees is investing in your business’s safety. It isn’t just money that this training can save, but also precious employee time.

Avoid Human Error: Your business could have the best IT security systems in place but would still be vulnerable to attacks resulting from human error. IT security courses can empower team members to have the confidence to recognise risks and threats and act accordingly.

IT security training doesn’t just benefit businesses but individuals as well. If you are considering taking an IT security course for your own benefit, then you can expect;

Career Opportunities: IT security training is in high demand at the minute, and businesses are looking for individuals who are knowledgeable on how to protect against attacks. If you have completed IT security training courses and obtained qualifications, you will have more career opportunities available to you.

Recognised Qualifications: Many of our IT security courses lead to a recognised qualification. This means, no matter where you go, your training will be recognised and rewarded.

Higher Salary: Having IT security training means you will be more valuable to a business. The majority of companies are willing to pay higher salaries to those with the right training for the job, compared with those which they may have to train themselves.

Why Choose TSG Training For IT Security Courses UK?

At TSG Training, we have been offering training courses since 2002. We’re specialists in all kinds of training, including IT security certification courses. When you choose us for your education, you can expect reliable, comprehensive, and effective training courses every single time. Our customers choose TSG because;

· Our trainers have been rated ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ by more than 98% of our delegates.

· We have been providing training for 20 years, and all of our certified trainers have at least 20 years of experience.

· Our courses have no hidden costs, all refreshments, course materials and exams are included in the price.

· We offer both online and classroom training courses to suit your requirements.

· Our courses come with lifetime support from your trainers.

· We boast pass rates that are consistently higher than the industry average.

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