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DevOps, or Development Operations, is the combination of IT Operations and Software Development. Amalgamating both departments in an organisation, DevOps encourages open communication and collaboration. With a DevOps approach, businesses can deliver products faster, improve customer satisfaction, reduce inefficiencies, and enhance reliability.

All members of Software Development and IT Operations teams can benefit from DevOps training. These DevOps courses can provide businesses with the knowledge and skills to make the most of a DevOps approach to working.

What Do DevOps Training Courses Include?

Here at TSG Training, we offer various options for DevOps training, depending on your current experience and knowledge on the subject. Our DevOps training courses include;

· Classroom / Virtual training with a certified industry professional.

· A course workbook with over 200 pages of DevOps training information.

· Online course materials, including case studies, webinars, and practice exams.

· Assistance with exam revision, including live revision sessions, online tutorials, and exam revision questions.

Depending on the course you choose, it may also include the final exam and a complete certification kit with digital badges and usage guide. The exact inclusions for each of our DevOps training courses will vary, so be sure to look into each option in detail.

Each DevOps training course has its own unique syllabus, but each course is designed to give you the level of knowledge you need to benefit your career and business. You will also learn how DevOps works with other frameworks such as Agile and how to encourage a DevOps culture within your team.

Methods for DevOps and information on automation and implementation will also be covered. All the learning in our DevOps training is done to make it easy for you to pass on this information to the rest of your teams.

Benefits Of DevOps Training

Whether you are a business owner looking to introduce a DevOps culture among your teams, or an individual hoping to hone your skillset, DevOps courses offer many benefits. Some of the key benefits of DevOps training courses are;

· Improved quality for your business. Those who use DevOps practices experience a 50% to 70% reduction in their failure rates.

· Huge reductions in deployment time, increasing your business agility.

· DevOps practices are adaptable to suit any size team or project.

· With staff trained in DevOps, you will see an improved understanding of other teams’ responsibilities and roles, promoting cohesion between departments.

· Issues are resolved quicker with DevOps practices, thanks to continual functional testing.

· The DevOps market is only expected to continue growing, making those who have DevOps training in very high demand.

· Completing DevOps training courses can help you progress your career quickly and secure higher salaries.

· Major brands all across the globe use DevOps practices, including PayPal, Uber, BBC News and eBay.

Why Choose TSG Training For DevOps Courses?

TSG Training are specialists in DevOps training courses and have been providing training since 2002. Our range of courses has been chosen by major businesses over the years, including Visa, KPMG, Lloyds Bank and more. If you have decided that a DevOps training course is the right option for you then we are here to help.

There are so many reasons why our clients return to us time and time again for all their training requirements. Just some of the reasons to choose TSG Training for your DevOps course are;

Excellent Trainers: We have a devoted team of training staff who teach our courses both in classrooms and online. 98% of our trainers have been rated either ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ by our delegates. All of our certified trainers have at least 20 years of experience in the industry.

Lifetime Support: When you have finished your DevOps training course, that isn’t the end of your time with TSG Training. All of our courses come with lifetime support from our training team. If you don’t pass your exam the first time, you can continue on the next course for free, only paying the examination fees.

All Levels Catered For: We offer various DevOps training courses to meet your requirements. Not only that but each course is approached with consideration to the unique delegates needs on that day. Whether you are completely new to the world of DevOps or you have been using DevOps practices for some time, we offer training suited just for you.

Online And Classroom Courses: We understand that everyone learns in different ways and has different commitments to work around. That is why we offer a range of both in-person DevOps training and online options so that you can choose the right one for your situation.

Find The Right Course For You

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