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Business Analysis Courses

Business Analysis represents the starting point of all programmes, projects and applications that provide systems solutions to business problems. Without good Business Analysis we would have no point of reference to say what is required or know when we have achieved it! Seldom operated in isolation, Software Testing and Business Analysis form the core of what’s needed to deliver complete solutions that the business both wants and can use to underpin its processes.

Essentially, the Business Analyst will produce a set of requirements and the test expert will make sure that they are ‘testable’. These two skills are becoming more popular to hold as individuals seek to become multi-skilled to support both Agile and DevOps methods of application delivery

A big category, the Business Analysis Courses section is split into three categories aligned to skill levels, addressing:

  • BCS CertifiedFoundation courses for Business Analysis, Change and Commercial Awareness
  • BCS CertifiedPractitioner courses for Benefits Management and Business Acceptance, Data Management Essentials, Modelling Business Processes, Requirements Engineering, and Solutions and Enterprise Architecture
  • BCS CertifiedProfessional training courses for more advanced subjects

Additional business analysis courses are offered to provide Foundation level certifications and include courses to multi-skill individuals through:

  • BCS Certified Foundation in IS Project Management course
  • BCS Certified Foundation in Systems Development course
  • BCS Certified Modelling Techniques course

All business analyst training courses in this section are accredited by the British Computer Society (BCS) and form part of its Chartered IT Professional diploma/qualification.


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