BCS Courses

BCS Courses or The British Computer Society courses, are training options accredited by the leading professional body in IT.

Having a BCS certificate indicates that an individual is proficient and knowledgeable about the IT sector. BCS training is a form of higher education. Furthermore, it is highly sought after in the world of information technology and computer science.

These qualifications are recognised in the United Kingdom and across the globe. What’s more, they can result in accrediting chartered IT professional status. Here at TSG Training, we offer a range of BCS courses which can take IT careers to the next level.

What Are BCS Courses?

BCS Courses lead to a BCS certificate, and they are popular among IT professionals looking to develop skills and validate their competence in the sector. There are various BCS accredited courses to choose from, and there are options for those in different levels of their career. A wide range of IT subjects are available to study as British Computer Society courses. However, in order to sit the exams, candidates must be BCS members, which TSG can help with. Because BCS is committed to helping make IT better for everyone. Consequently, these BCS courses focus on bringing in positive and tangible changes to the industry. As a result, learners will discover best practices and processes for working within various sectors of IT.

Why Get A BCS Certificate?

A BCS certificate shows businesses and employers that an individual is educated to a certain level and has reached a globally recognised benchmark for their IT skills. It is a display of competence and knowledge in the industry and can help to enhance careers within IT. Because there are so many BCS accredited courses to choose from, there is the option to specialise in a certain area or study an overview of IT and computer science. BCS courses show businesses that an individual can successfully use technology to make a difference to a progressive organisation.

BCS Courses At TSG Training
Here at TSG Training, we have a range of BCS accredited courses to choose from. Some of our most popular options include;

    • BCS Foundation Certificate in Agile: This course is specifically focused on Agile practices, products and projects. It is perfect for anyone working within an Agile setting or looking to learn how Agile works for software development and testing.
    • BCS Foundation in Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence use is on the rise in IT, and this course covers the basic process of machine learning and how AI can benefit businesses.
    • BCS Benefits Management And Business Acceptance:
      Learners will discover how business benefits are managed and delivered successfully.

Our BCS Courses result in a BCS certificate and at the end of each course is an exam in which learners can demonstrate what they have learnt. These courses are designed for anyone with an interest in, or need to implement, various aspects of IT. Furthermore, they are also popular among senior managers who are responsible for assembling teams that work within IT.


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At TSG Training, we know that preparing for an exam can be a stressful endeavour. That’s why we offer a unique promise to our customers – if you don’t pass your software testing course exam the first time around, you can take one subsequent course at no cost! Exam re-takes are chargeable

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