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Course Duration: 2 days

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Course Duration: 2 days

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Course Duration: 2 days

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Course Overview

The TMMi Professional course will explain why process improvement is important and how you can identify opportunities in your organisation. It also covers the costs and benefits from improving the way organisations work.

This certificate is not only for those looking to improve their own organisation, but also serves as a stepping-stone for those who want to formalise their skills in TMMi and potentially move towards becoming a TMMi and/or lead assessor

This certification comes is built upon an internationally-recognised process improvement framework and assessment model. The course syllabus has been developed and released by the TMMi Foundation

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This qualification opens up various career paths for individuals. Upon successful completion of the exam, individuals can pursue roles such as Test process improvers, TMMi lead assessors or assessors, Business stakeholders, Program/Project Test Managers, Test Leads, Test Analysts, Test Consultants, and more.

This certification equips individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to engage with customers and deliver TMMi offerings effectively.

Moreover, the certificate serves as a crucial stepping stone for further advancement within the TMMi framework. Successful certificate holders can aspire to become accredited TMMi Assessors or TMMi Lead Assessors, roles that are pivotal in guiding organisations to improve their test processes. This progression is integral to the TMMi qualifications path, marking a clear trajectory from entry-level certification to becoming an accredited leader in TMMi assessment.

Who is the course for?

This  qualification is specifically designed for those directly involved in the enhancement and assessment of the test process using the TMMi model. This specialised training is ideal for:

  • Test process improvers
  • TMMi lead assessors or assessors
  • Aspiring TMMi lead assessors or assessors
  • Business stakeholders
  • Program/Project Test Managers
  • Test Leads
  • Test Analysts
  • Test Consultants

Additionally, it encompasses roles that play a crucial part in implementing and maintaining the TMMi standards within organisations, such as members of a Test Process Group and test managers focused on aligning testing processes with business objectives. Anyone engaged in these roles will find the TMMi Professional qualification particularly beneficial, as it equips them with the knowledge and tools to effectively apply and promote the TMMi practices.

E-Learning Course

What’s Included?

  • Three months of unlimited access to the online course
  • A downloadable electronic copy of the complete set of course materials. No expiration to access. Digital rights management and intellectual property rights protections apply.

Next Steps: Follow-on Courses After TMMI Professional Certificate

After completing the TMMi Professional certificate, individuals interested in furthering their knowledge and skills in software testing and quality assurance can consider the following courses:

Core Stream Modules
These modules are technology, methodology, and application domain-agnostic, building directly on the knowledge acquired at the Foundation Level.

Agile Stream

Tailored for those working in or transitioning to Agile environments, this stream emphasizes testing practices and principles within the Agile methodology.

Each of these courses is designed to build upon the foundation laid by the TMMI professional certification, allowing you to specialise further and enhance your career prospects in the field of software testing.

The TMMI set of qualifications



Learn more how TMMi in an Agile environment

Watch speaker Adrian Howes talk about why TMMI is fully applicable to Agile and DevOps projects. The main points he talks about are Test Policy strategy, Test Design execution, Test Organisation, Test Lifecycle and Integration, Quality Control and Test Process Optimisation.



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