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TMMi Assessor

About the Course

Course Duration: 4 days
Exam Fees Included

Price From: £1095

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This 4-day TMMi Assessor course teaches you the practical skills required to assess an organisation’s testing maturity in-line with the TMMi model. You will receive personal tuition by a leading member of the TMMi Foundation who will impart learnings through lectures, practical exercises and peer discussions.

On completion of the course, you are eligible for accreditation as a TMMi Assessor capable of conducting Informal and Formal TMMi Assessments that measure an organisation’s testing maturity. Your trainer will also provide guidance for what subsequent steps are required to become a TMMi Lead Assessor.

The TMMI set of qualifications

Entry Requirements

People wanting to take this course should already hold a TMMi Professional certificate and have at least 5-years solid testing experience.

The Exam

There is no exam associated with this course. Official TMMi Assessor Accreditation can be sought by candidates who satisfy the course prerequisites, complete this accredited course in full, and submit their application for accreditation to the TMMi Foundation.

Course Objectives

The objective of this course it to:
• Build upon the skills and knowledge gained from the TMMi Professional course
• Gain practical experience in:
– Planning an assessment
– Preparing for an assessment
– Leveraging different techniques for conducting effective interviews
– Scoring the information gleaned from interviews and analysing the results
– Preparing and reporting the results of an assessment to the client
– Preparing the final reports for submission to the TMMi Foundation
• Develop an in-depth practical understanding of the TMMi Framework

Syllabus – Key points

The practicalities of preparing for and running a TMMi assessment

TMMi Professional Refresher

  • A review of the TMMi maturity levels and process areas
  • A review of the Generic goals

Company Goals

  • Understand the drivers companies may have for conducting TMMi assessments
  • Learn potential benefits customers could gain from having an assessment
  • A look at the structure and different types of assessments available and their benefits
  • Informal assessment
  • Process Improvement workshop
  • Formal assessment
  • Health checks

TMMi documentation

  • Gain an insight into the published TMMi documents and how they are used

Assessor accreditation requirements

  • Explain the requirements needed to become an accredited lead assessor/assessor
  • Gain an insight into the TMMi career path

Planning and preparing for assessments

  • Gain experience in gathering information for starting and running TMMi assessment activities
  • Understand how to estimate the effort for an assessment

Assessment interviewing

  • Practise different interviewing techniques
  • Interview against as many TMMi process areas as possible to gain an in depth understanding of the model
  • Experience the different personalities you can expect to meet in an interview situation and how to respond to extract the necessary information


Scoring assessments

  • Based on the interviews learn how to score the information obtained based on the TMMi guidelines
  • Score the process areas that have been investigated
  • Record the information in a simple assessment tool to understand the mechanics on how scoring works and prepare graphical representation of the results

Assessment analysis

  • Based on the scoring work learn how to assess the results and determine the results of the different assessment types

Assessment reporting

  • Based on the assessment work, prepare and deliver presentations of the results.

Assessment closure

  • Learn what information needs to be provided to
  • The client after the assessment
  • The TMMi foundation after the assessment


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