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ISTQB Advanced Agile Technical Tester

Course Duration: 3 days

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Course Duration: 3 days

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Course Duration: 3 days

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Course Overview

The ISTQB Agile Technical Tester course extends the broad understanding of testing acquired at Foundation Level to enable the role of Agile Technical Tester to be performed. 

This three-day tutor-led course includes lectures, exercises and practical work, as well as exam preparation. The examination is after the course either online or at your local Pearson VUE testing centre, so allowing adequate time for revision. It is fully-accredited by UKTB on behalf of ISTQB and has been rated SFIAplus level 5 by the BCS.

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Who is it for?

The ISTQB Certified Agile Technical Tester Advanced Level is principally aimed at test practitioners who have achieved an advanced point in their careers in software testing and are expecting to be actively involved in agile teams and technical testing, including requirements engineering, test automation and deployment and delivery, and who want to increase their knowledge and skills beyond the levels covered by the Foundation and Intermediate qualifications. This includes people in roles such as testers, test analysts, test engineers, test consultants, test managers, user acceptance testers and software developers. This Advanced Level qualification is also appropriate for anyone who wants a deeper understanding of software testing, such as project managers, quality managers, software development managers, business analysts and management consultants.

 About ISTQB and the ‘Certified Tester’ Scheme 

Founded in 2002, ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) is a not-for-profit association comprising 66 national boards (including the UKITB) to provide worldwide coverage

ISTQB has defined the Advanced certification as part of their ‘Certified Tester’ scheme that, with over 240,000 certifications, has become the de facto world-wide standard for software testing qualifications. 

The ‘Certified Tester’ scheme: 

  • provides a set of professional qualifications widely-recognised by employers, customers and peers; 
  • enables software suppliers to hire and train certified testers and thereby gain commercial advantage over their competitors by advertising their tester recruitment and development policies; and 
  • enables comparison of testing skills across different countries, testers to move across country borders more easily, and multi-national/international projects to have a common understanding of testing issues.
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Entry Requirements

The entry requirements for the Certified Tester Advanced Level Agile Technical Tester qualification are that the candidate must hold the ISTQB Foundation Agile Extension certificate and it is also suggested that candidates have a minimum of 2 years testing experience. 

Note that it is recommended that you attend an accredited training course run by an accredited training provider, as the overall exam pass rates are notably higher for candidates attending such courses. 




To receive Advanced Level certification in the module “Agile Technical Test Analyst”, candidates must hold a valid Certified Tester Foundation Level certificate and Certified Agile Foundation Extension certificate:
  • 40 multiple choice questions, which contain a list of possible answers
  • Duration of 90 minutes (or 113 minutes for candidates taking examinations that are not in their native language)
  • A candidate must score at least 65% to pass (26/40)
  • Exam is included in the price

Next steps

The Advanced Level establishes a platform from which further skills and knowledge may be acquired at the Expert Level. Holders of the Advanced Agile Technical Tester qualification will be eligible to continue with other Advanced exams as well as progressing to Expert level qualifications, such as Test Automation and Security Testing.  More details to follow when available. 

Holders of the Certified Tester Advanced Level Agile Technical Tester qualification may also wish to consider the other Advanced Level qualifications, Test Manager, Agile Technical Tester, Test Analyst, Test Automation Engineer and Security Tester 

Course Objectives

After successfully completing the course and passing the exam, delegates should be able to demonstrate the following business-based outcomes: 

  • Apply Agile techniques to ensure tests that provide adequate coverage 
  • Define testable requirements within Agile Team 
  • Create and implement various Agile Test approaches using appropriate techniques 
  • Support and contribute to test automation activities in an Agile project 
  • Support continuous integration in an Agile Team 
  • Support Agile Team in continuous delivery and deployment 
  • Learn the service virtualization concepts 
  • Work with, and share information with, other team members using effective communication styles and channels 

In addition, Advanced Agile Technical Testers should be able to demonstrate their skills in the following areas once they have completed the course and passed the exam: 

  • Analyse user stories and epics using requirements engineering techniques 
  • Describe the requirements engineering techniques and how they can help testers
  • Create and evaluate testable acceptance criteria for a given user story using requirements engineering and test techniques 
  • Describe the elicitation techniques 
  • Apply test-driven development (TDD) in the context of a given example in an Agile project 
  • Understand the characteristics of a Unit test 
  • Understand the meaning of the mnemonic word FIRST Apply behaviour-driven development (BDD) in the context of a given user story in an Agile project 
  • Understand how to manage guidelines for a formulation of a scenario 
  • Analyse a product backlog in an Agile project to determine a way to introduce acceptance test-driven development 
  • Analyse the creation of a test approach using test automation, experience-based tests and back-box tests created using other approaches (including risk-based testing) for a given scenario in an Agile project 
  • Explain differences between Mission critical and non-critical 
  • Analyse user stories and epics to create test charters, and interpret their results 
  • Understand the use Experienced-based techniques 
  • Understand the importance of refactoring test cases in Agile projects 
  • Understand practical task-list for Refactoring Test cases 
  • Analyse code as part of a code review to identify defects and technical debt 
  • Understand Static code Analysis 
  • Apply data-driven and keyword-driven test techniques to develop automated test scripts 
  • Understand how to apply test automation to a given test approach in an Agile environment 
  • Understand the test automation
  • Understand differences between various test approaches 
  • Understand the factors to consider when determining the level of test automation needed to keep up with the speed of deployment 
  • Understand the challenges of test automation in agile settings 
  • Apply continuous integration (CI) and summarize its impact on testing activities 
  • Understand the role of continuous testing in continuous delivery and continuous deployment 
  • Understand the concept of service virtualization and its role in Agile projects 
  • Understand the benefits of service virtualization 

Syllabus – Key points

22 reviews for ISTQB Advanced Agile Technical Tester

  1. Amrutha | Test Analyst |

    Very Informative course. John is very knowledgeable and explains things in ways which are easy to follow.

  2. Alexander Rhodes | Automation Tester | Full Fibre Limited

    John was great, material was good. He answered all Q’s productively, made sure we understood and were happy before moving on.

    Material itself, I know it’s a newer course but more past papers/sample exams would be great appreciated as I believe it’s one of the main methods to know how prepped you are for the actual exam. Having one, makes doubts about the ability to just remember the answers for a specific paper or if you genuinely understand it. That and the current document needs proof-read, a few typos etc. but nothing major individually about it.

  3. Mukhtar Zamarad | Software Tester | Calastone

    Great Course, very informative with lots of examples and information.

  4. madhuri | Test Analyst | HESA

    Excellent course with excellent trainer

  5. Bryan Beckett | Test Analyst | Degree 53

    Rosie was easy to understand and gave information in an easily digestible method. She was good at answering questions, and kept the whole group engaged.

  6. Claire Dally | Test Analyst | HESA

    The course was informative with good examples and we had plenty of time to review the daily exam questions. Rosie was very friendly, helpful and explained the subject well.

  7. Robert Mackay | Test Analyst | Ballys Interactive

    useful information , but some of it is very similar to the foundation course

  8. Richard Fox | Senior Test Analyst | Bally’s interactive

    Enjoyed the course & the trainer was very clear & helpful in explaining against the syllabus.

  9. Adriana Rus | Senior Tester | Citizens advice

    The theory was explained well, with examples, we did lot of exercises and we discussed them, the instructor was kind and patient.

    A negative point is that we are provided only a few questions, but it would be good to have lot of sets of questions that simulates an exam so that we could practice.

    Also when we speak about tools it would be useful to be given some examples.

  10. Chris Eaton| Test Manager| Quilter

    The course was very informative to give a good grounding/confirmation of agile methods.
    Rosie was very knowledgeable and worked comfortably through the content adding good personal facts. With the audience this helped engage with those who had previous experience.

  11. Gursewak Jagpal|Test Analyst|Capgemini

    Quite challenging as a virtual setup as the trainer has to consistently ask if everyone is ok just to get confidence people are still engaged. Handwriting by the trainer could be improved. I could read it fine as my own writing is similar but I can imagine other people not knowing what is written on the screen when referring back their notes that have been screenshotted.

  12. Ben Greenhill|QAT Analyst|Civil services

    Enjoyed the course although would be better in person. Not a fan of the sample questions as for many of them multiple answers fit the question and so had to choose “the best one” which is subjective and hence shouldn’t really be examinable.

  13. Jenny Hill|Senior Test Analyst|ASM UK Ltd

    Great course, wasn’t sure how it wold work remotely, but ended up being just as good as in person. maybe need to consider using cameras to get a better feel of working together

  14. Rachael Smith | Test Analyst | Capgemini

    Really good course/ delivery. John was friendly, knowledgeable and thorough in his explanations and approach and used some great examples

  15. Bennitt Abraham | Software Test Engineer | Ensek

    Slow and interactive sessions. Thanks!

  16. Richard Morris | Domain Lead | Capgemini

    The course was excellent and Rosie was a great instructor. She was very calm and reassuring and was willing to discuss anything in detail throughout the duration of the course. Her calm manner made the course enjoyable.

  17. Darpan Mahendra Rathod | Software QA Technician | Barnett Waddingham LLP

    I found going through the course with a trainer & subsequent exercised has assisted me in absorbing the course material as I found the syllabus very dry.

    This is the first virtual course I have taken, I think it worked well but would have appreciated if the GoToMeeting App had a functionality where I could raise a flag as I often ended up talking over others/speaking at the same time as other delegates.

    Also I requested the course material to be provided earlier so that I have a chance to read it and absorb it in advance due to my dyslexia, although I received this I would have appreciated this much earlier

  18. Lorna Lutz | Senior Systems Tester | SLC

    Very good course. Good trainer, spoke very clearly and very articulate. Explained things well. Good timing of breaks.

  19. Jennie Rahm | Test Lead | Capgemini Sweden AB

    The course was digital, which was a great approach since I sit in Sweden. Also, we were only two delegates which also was great, where we could talk and discuss much more easier, both to each other and also to the trainer.
    The trainer was very good, explained the material in a good way, gave good examples, asked us how we did on our daily basis in our work. She was also social to us, which is a big plus for me at least.
    We took a ten minutes break every hours, good to have.
    The training material provided was also informative, and a plus that also TSG has provided their material and not just the ISTQB material.
    Overall a very good course with a splendid trainer.

  20. Kyle | Software Engineer for Testing | QA LTD – Bank of England

    It was very informative, clearly laid out and well represented by Rosie Some of the aspects are quite challenging but all explained well after asking questions.
    Enjoyed the group discussions to cover every body aspects.
    Rosie was very good at considering all angles of a potential answer, which I really liked. Kept the group engaged in learning and discussion.

  21. Emma Logan | UAT Analyst | North

    I was initially nervous about the course being remote, because I wasn’t sure it would suit my learning style. However Rosie was very engaging and made sure to speak to everyone directly and to remember details about us so that she could ask relevant questions. It was really appreciated and definitely helped me to connect with the material.

  22. Dan Price | Test Analyst | Ordnance Survey

    I enjoyed the Agile Technical Tester course. I thought Rosie did an incredible job of going through each topic thoroughly and did so engagingly and interestingly. Rosie also took the time to review each scenario exercise with us to ensure we understood the questions and answers thoroughly.

    I’m very grateful for the support that Rosie provided me during the course and have come away feeling confident about the subjects we covered.

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