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iSQI Certified Selenium WebDriver Foundation Tester

Course Duration: 3 days

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Course Duration: 3 days

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Course Duration: 3 days

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Course Overview

Selenium is the de facto standard for front-end test automation of modern web technologies due to the flexible and powerful browser automation capabilities of WebDriver.

The Selenium Tester Foundation is a practical training course aimed at test professionals who desire a basic understanding of Selenium WebDriver for creating web application tests. Participants will learn about factors to consider when deciding to automate testing as well as specific techniques for navigation, interacting with GUI elements, logging, reporting, and more. Upon the successful completion of the course, a participant will be able to create and run Selenium WebDriver tests without supervision

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This is a three-day course with time for the exam on the third day. It consists of equal parts lecture/ demonstrations and hands-on exercises. The certification exam is a 60 minute, 40 question, multiple-choice exam, and a pass is awarded for answering 65% of questions correctly.

Who is it for?

This course is ideal for automators and those who want to learn automation using the Selenium WebDriver toolset. While this course is accessible to anyone wanting to acquire a basic, hands-on knowledge of Selenium, the main audiences are:

  • People with no test automation experience who are starting to automate in Selenium (or who want to get a job doing that)
  • People with some GUI test automation experience who are new to Selenium or starting to automate in Selenium (or who want to get a job doing that)
  • People with some non-GUI test automation experience who are new to Selenium and starting to automate in Selenium (or who want to get a job doing that)

What’s the purpose of test automation?

As automation plays an increasingly important role in the systems development process, employers have begun to accept the need for structure and qualification as a way of standardising things and getting a return on their investment. Senior trainer Rosie Sheldon talks you though the Selenium WebDriver Foundation Tester course.

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Entry Requirements

Attendees should have general knowledge of basic programming and some knowledge of Python.


The course runs for three days, with one hour set aside on the third day for the Selenium Foundation exam if desired. The certification exam is a 60 minute, 40 question, multiple-choice exam. To attain the Selenium Foundation certification candidates must pass the A4Q Selenium Tester Foundation certification exam.

The exam shall be comprised of 40 multiple-choice questions. Each correct answer has a value of one point. A score of at least 65% (that is, 26 or more questions answered correctly) is required to pass the exam. The time allowed to take the exam is 60 minutes. If the candidate’s native language is not the examination language, the candidate may be allowed an extra 25% (15 minutes) time.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, attendees should be able to:

  • Correctly apply test automation principles to build a maintainable test automation solution
  • Choose and implement correct test automation tools
  • Implement Selenium WebDriver scripts that execute functional web application tests
  • Implement maintainable scripts

Syllabus – Key points

Chapter 1. Test Automation Basics (105 Min)

  • Explain the objectives, advantages, disadvantages and limitations of test automation
  • Understand the relation between manual and automated tests
  • Identify technical success factors of a test automation project
  • Understand risks and benefits of using Selenium WebDriver
  • Explain the place of Selenium WebDriver in TAA (Test Automation Architecture)
  • Explain the reason and purpose for metric collection in automation
  • Understand and can compare objectives of using Selenium toolset (WebDriver, Selenium Server, Selenium Grid)

Chapter 2. Internet Technologies for Test Automation of Web Applications (195 Min)

  • Understand and can write HTML and XML documents
  • Apply XPath to search XML documents
  • Apply CSS locators to find elements of HTML documents

Chapter 3. Using Selenium WebDriver (495 Min)

  • Use appropriate logging and reporting mechanisms
  • Navigate to different URLs using WebDriver commands
  • Change window context in web browsers using WebDriver commands
  • Capture screenshots of web pages using WebDriver commands
  • Locate GUI elements using various strategies
  • Get state of GUI elements using WebDriver commands
  • Interact with GUI elements using WebDriver commands
  • Interact with user prompts in web browsers using WebDriver commands

Chapter 4. Preparing Maintainable Test Scripts (225 Min)

  • Understand which factors support and affect maintainability of test scripts
  • Use appropriate wait mechanisms
  • Analyse GUI of a system under test (SUT) and use Page Objects to make its abstractions
  • Analyse test scripts and apply Keyword Driven Testing principles to building test scripts

10 reviews for iSQI Certified Selenium WebDriver Foundation Tester

  1. Claire Hall | Senior Test Analyst | Sky

    Trainer was friendly and approachable. She was clear and precise.

  2. Nathan Clayton-Barker | IT Test Professional (Corporate) | NFU Mutual

    I rated Rosie 4 stars because she was friendly, helpful and informative, also because I felt she was making the most of a difficult situation in regard to the training materials and the set-up of the learning environment she had to work with.

    Overall I was disappointed with the course materials and the way in which we were required to learn. I requested to attend this course at the cost of my employer because I had a genuine interest in learning more about Selenium and because I wanted to take that knowledge back to the business. From the course description, I was given the impression that I would be attending a class that allowed me to put the training into practice i.e. we would be provided an environment/Virtual Machine/Website to execute the code we compiled to see if we got it right. Instead, the course consisted of 8 delegates virtually sitting around one computer and taking it in turns to give what we thought was the correct answer. We were given a very brief list of applications used in the course, but due to the time constraints and lack of information on configuration it wasn’t possible to replicate an environment on my own computer in time.

    The delegate slides were dated as 2018, and from the multiple errors found in the slides, it soon became apparent that the slides may not have been maintained since they were created, this was confusing and distracting to my learning process, and at times made me lose confidence in what was correct or incorrect.

    Aside from only having one Mock exam paper to practice with, meaning I couldn’t run through an entire mock exam at the end of the course before taking the actual exam, the one we were provided contained an error. Again this knocked my confidence in the information I obtained form the course.

    Overall, in it’s current state with errors and without an actual environment to get hands on training from, I would not recommend this training provider or course in future.

  3. Gary Ng | Senior Test Analyst | Liverpool Victoria Insurance

    Course was excellent and learnt a lot – hopefully this will help me progress my carrer to bigger and better things.
    Rosie was excellent – knew what she was talking about – extremely friendly and approachable (some trainers are moody)
    it was a fun 3 days.

  4. Fokhrul Islam| Test Lead|AS Watson

    Good course, well structured but as its done virtually I believe there should be more hands on involved. 3 days is not enough.

  5. John Kurowski | Principal Consultant |Expleo Group

    Slides were very wordy. Would be great to have an environment to try out the exercises as we didn’t have a copy of Thonny

  6. James Ashcroft | Test Analyst |Leeds Beckett University

    Really Informative, useful course that I already have plans for applying within my role. Rosie was very patient and helpful, felt that we could ask questions freely and were frequently provided with good knowledge and insight.

  7. Dom Walter | Test Analyst |Self employed

    Rosie was very knowledgeable about the subject and very happy to answer delegates’ queries.
    My only criticism of the course was that I felt we could have been introduced to Selenium earlier. Although it’s vital to learn how to identify elements by XPath etc, it seemed that we could have approached this once we’d seen Selenium itself to provide more context.

  8. Wayne John | |

    The trainer was very knowledgeable and helpful and the course was well presented.

  9. Sam Moule | Senior Test Analyst |LV

    Very informative & made a technical subject easy to understand with lots of examples to work through together.

  10. Inder Dhaliwal | Senior Test Engineer

    Successfully completed the A4Q foundation certificate training for Selenium (with Python). Thank you TSG Training for an excellent remotely delivered course:

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