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Introduction to Test Automation

Course Duration: 1 days

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Course Duration: 1 days

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Course Duration: 1 days

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Course Overview

Using a mix of classroom presentation, instructor led discussion and individual practical exercises, this course has been designed to provide testers with a good, basic understanding of test automation.

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The course covers the following topics:

  • What is test automation?
  • When to automate and when not to automate.
  • Automation approaches including frameworks, platform tools and simple record and replay.
  • Demonstration of some of the tools that are available.
  • Practical session using a record and replay tool.

Who is it for?

The Introduction to Test Automation course is principally aimed at test practitioners who would like to understand more about automation tools and techniques before deciding on a test tool and embarking on an automation project.

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Entry Requirements

Attendees should have some experience of testing as this is beneficial but not essential.

Delegates will require a laptop and be able to install Chrome as a browser and be able to add browser plug-ins as this course uses either Katalon Recorder or Selenium IDE for the hands-on practice exercises.


There is no exam requirement for this course.

Course Objectives

The course objectives are to provide delegates with a good understanding of how to select the most appropriate automation tool then plan, prepare and execute a test automation project.

Should the delegates wish to learn about any of the automation tools in more detail on completion of this introduction, TSG Training have several tool-specific courses available. Details are available from TSG Training on request.

Syllabus – Key points

  • Introduction to test automation.

When automation is appropriate and when it’s not for:

  • Test driven development and continuous integration 
  • System testing 
  • Automated regression testing and selecting tests for automation
  • User Acceptance Test 
  • Creating test data
  • Selecting the tests that are best suited to automation  

Factors that influence the return on investment when automating: 

  • Cost of tools versus ease of use 
  • Skills required to use the tools 
  • Cost of developing the automating tests
  • Cost of maintaining the tests 
  • How often the tests will be executed 

How to select the most appropriate tool or tools for a project. 

Overview of some of the automation tools that are available 

Practical demonstrations: 

  • Katalon Recorder & Selenium IDE – simple record and replay tools 
  • Selenium Webdriver – scripted browser tests 
  • Hands-on practical session using Katalon Recorder record and replay 

Q&A and close. 

33 reviews for Introduction to Test Automation

  1. Rio Kandekore | Software Tester | IBM

    John explained the content very well and made the course very interactive. I hope to work with him again in the future!

  2. George Stephens | Software Tester | IBM

    Course content was good and educational. John presented it with lots of structure and room for questions. He was friendly and helpful and made sure we all understood the topics covered

  3. Liam Offen | Test Consultant | LO Consultancy Limited

    Great content but would be better as a two day with the second focusing on practical activities (half a day for each tool?) as it felt like there was not enough structured training on the tools different areas of functionality.

  4. Ravi Mistry | Software test Engineer | Cognitran

    Helpful insight into test automation and good ideas on Data driven examples which I will take back to my company.
    Interactive and knowledgable

  5. Luke Rogers | Software Test Engineer | IBM

    was very interesting and I enjoyed the engagement and topics from the tutor, I think more practical activities early on would be better however.

  6. Nick | Drury | Transport for London

    A concise but broad introduction to test automation, focussing largely on record and playback style tools. Plenty of content, delivered in a relaxed but purposeful manner.

  7. William Daniel Pollyn | Software Test Engineer | IBM

    This course was really useful and enjoyable to expand further on the fundamentals of automation, as well as some common automation concepts. The practical work also helped with consolidating some of the theory which we had learnt throughout the day.

  8. Robert Macdonald | Software Test Apprentice | IBM

    Really enjoyed the course, very well delivered by John and I found the content the perfect level for an introduction to automation!

  9. Patrick Wilson | Performance Test Engineer | IBM

    John is very knowledgeable, and is keen to make sure people understand the why as well as the how – he also is good at going out of his way to explain content in a way that engages with the different day-to-day jobs that each person has.

  10. Eleanor Morgan | Test Analyst | Transport for London

    Very good trainer, engaging, clear and patient.

  11. Joe Dobson | Software Tester | IBM

    Very good teaching. Answered questions well plus a practical at the end. Great intro to the subject.

  12. lee westwell | quality and test authority | Vodafone

    great course to get the fundamentals.

  13. Louise Degg|Test Lead|The West Brom

    John was informative, engaging and iteresting. He moved at a good pace to include a lot of information whilst making regular checks that everyone was understanding. He asked out objectives at the beginning of the course and ensured that these had been completed by the end. Thanks Kphn.

  14. Tracey Spicer|Test Analyst|West Brom

    the course was very informative, very clear and John explained everything very well and check our understanding on a regular basis

  15. Ila Patel|Test Lead|The West Brom

    Good overview of the basics of automation

  16. Jen Gennard|IT Tester|The West Brom

    Not having any experience of automation previously, this has given me a good indication of what automation is and how it can help me in my daily role.

  17. Mandip Sandhu|Tester|West Brom Building society

    I now have a better understanding of what test automation can do and what kind of testing it could be used for.

  18. Adam Taylor | Test Analyst | Key Group

    Very interesting and informative course, it was excellent as a gentle introduction into Test Automation for someone who is pretty much a complete beginner. John was friendly, patient, and helpful throughout, very easy to follow his demos/examples and clear explanations at all times. Thank you

  19. Zahra Jaffer | Junior Test Analyst |IRIS Software Group

    John gave a good summary of Test Automation

  20. Kelly Robinson-McBride | QA Engineer |Iris Software Group

    Enjoyable and interesting information

  21. Jason Leung | Quality Engineer |Lloyds Banking Group

    informative, patient

  22. Ellen Mandevhana | Software Tester |Iris software Group

    Was able to understand things that I did not understand and have learnt new things.

  23. Irina Crump|Lead QAT Analyst|

    Really enjoyed this course & my objectives were met. I think that the course worked better virtual than previous classroom based ones. There was an initial problem logging in to the course but this was quickly resolved. I would have liked more time experimenting with the tools with the tutor still online to assist if required.

  24. Jackie Fletcher | Test Manager | Education Skills Funding Agency

    Really enjoyed this course & my objectives were met. I think that the course worked better virtual than previous classroom based ones. There was an initial problem logging in to the course but this was quickly resolved. I would have liked more time experimenting with the tools with the tutor still online to assist if required.

  25. Sandra Kasa|QA Software Tester|SupplyPoint

    Very well structured course with excellent presentation from John.
    The only shortfall was about the fact that some of the content in the syllabus (About ROI and Estimation ) were not covered and John has been advised that those portions be reworded or removed from the syllabus.

  26. Roger Mitchell|V&V Engineer|Northrop Grumann Sperry Marine

    I have attended John’s courses before I think he is amazing coach.
    Demonstration of testing tools was very beneficial I think. It’s great that we had opportunity to put theory and practice together.

  27. Dave Laljee | Application Developer | University of Leeds

    Excellent intro to the subject, v useful. As we are developers rather than testers I think we tested John’s dynamic capabilities!

    I have written a webscraper using Selenium last year to compare an old website with the output of its replacement’s API. If I’d taken this course before attempting that I would undoubtedly have progressed in that project much more quickly.

  28. Charlotte Pakes | Application Developer | University of Leeds

    Really useful introduction to automated testing. I am looking at using an Automated Testing Framework we already have for ServiceNow, and the concepts and examples presented (especially around regression testing) were really useful and gave me food for thought. John was clear and engaging and made the session easy to follow along and maintain attention.

  29. Scott Hennessy | Lead DevOps Engineer | University of Leeds

    Very interesting and useful introduction to automation frameworks, such as Selenium, as well as a good discussion of the practicalities of introducing test automation into a project and the pros and cons of using it.

  30. Mark Britchford | IT Operational Lead | University of Leeds

    John coped really well with adapting the course to the developer (rather than tester) audience and provided very useful advice and examples that were more applicable to our areas of work.

  31. Roger McNally | Application Developer | University of Leeds

    Detailed and well presented course.

  32. Collette Storey | Senior Analyst Developer | NCA

    It was a really good insightful course at a good level. We can further develop if needed which was encouraged but can also use the documentation provided which was also encouraged. Slides would be useful if they can be sent?

  33. Philippa Hodge | Test Automation Engineer | Wunderman Thompson Commerce

    John was great – he kept us all awake and he made a very dry subject as interesting as possible!!!

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