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BDD with SpecFlow & WebDriver C#

About the Course

Course Duration: 3 days in the classroom or 4 days online

Price From: TBC


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This comprehensive course covers all the essential principles to get you up and running in Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD) using Microsoft Visual Development Studio, SpecFlow and Selenium WebDriver.

Designed for beginners of BDD and SpecFlow, it takes the newcomer through all the basic techniques of writing Feature Files in Gherkin, to writing the associated Step Definitions and code in SpecFlow & WebDriver C#, to executing from the command line.

The course is online, instructor-led over 3 days, with each day being approx.. 3.5 hours online.

Entry Requirements

  • A basic understanding of writing Selenium WebDriver Scripts (we use C# bindings)
  • Some programming experience would be advantageous – The course is based on using WebDriver with C# & NUnit.


There is no exam requirement for this course.

Course Objectives

  • understand the required Visual Studio Extensions and Libraries to use SpecFlow & Selenium WebDriver
  • understand how to structure your automated SpecFlow project
  • gain a full understanding of how to write good Gherkin and Step Definitions
  • Understand how to refactor and re-use common Methods for Steps
  • By the end of the course you should have a thorough understanding of how to develop well-written Feature Files and Scenarios, How to manage Step Definitions and write associated Methods, how to organise the SpecFlow project and how to integrate into the POM framework

Syllabus – Key points

Introduction to BDD
A background to BDD and its benefits. The process of BDD. An overview of the tools available, terminology.

Introduction to Gherkin
Feature Files, introduction to the Gherkin language, basic syntax

More Gherkin
Using the Background fixture, Parameters, Doc Strings, Examples and Data Tables, using Tags to organise execution, commenting

Installation of the SpecFlow Framework
SpecFlow Visual Studio plugin, installing the SpecFlow Libraries, WebDriver and other dependent libraries. Creating a project structure, creating a Feature File, formatting and execution of Feature Files

Step Definitions & Code Binding
Creating our Test Classes, Using prototype step definitions, fixing errors for executing feature files, creating step definition Methods, expanding Methods with Parameters

Deconstructing Step Definitions and Regular Expressions
Step Definition syntax, using Regular Expressions, using multiple annotations for one Method, re-using Methods for more than one Scenario

Handling Tables
Scenario Outline, In-line Step Table Iterating

Using a base class with before & after hooks to accelerate test writing.

Executing the SpecFlow Features
Using SpecFlow, Using Tags, Results & Reporting, Command line execution, SpecFlow Fixtures for Execution Flow.

Sharing Data
Simple Instance Fields, Context Injection

Integrating SpecFlow into the POM
Using SpecFlow & WebDriver under the Page Object Model.

Continuous Integration
Building SpecFlow pipelines in Azure DevOps


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