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  • Tim Nyland-Jones, Information Security Manager at Northgate Vehicle Hire, investigates why IoT software and interoperability are still a long way from being standardised. The ‘make it work, make it right, make it fast’ mantra is an oft-quoted one in the world of software development: Make it work: do the minimum necessary to create a product […]

  • The Coronavirus pandemic has forced every business and every employee to completely change the way they work almost instantly. While COVID has brought with it many struggles and problems for the world, there are a few things that have changed for the better. Training and reskilling are going to be absolutely crucial to navigating the […]

  • The technology industry, and software engineering, in particular, is a fast-paced and highly competitive world. Everything we do these days is based around software in one way or another, and the demand for software engineers is ever-growing. Despite this increase in demand, the software industry is still very male-dominated. Women in software engineering are few […]

  • As an increasing number of workers have set up office at home over the last few months, many businesses have concerns over cybersecurity. Remote working might mean more flexibility and freedom, but it isn’t without dangers. Office environments have usually been carefully created to ensure security, both online and offline. As a result, relocating to […]

  •   1 Where, How And Why Virtual Classroom Delivery Began Mid-March 2020: I’m on the way into the office to deliver the second day of a four-day classroom course; the coronavirus pandemic is upon us. On the previous evening, I read that the UK government has advised people to work from home if possible, but […]

  • Technology is continuously advancing and changing the way we work. While this provides many opportunities for businesses, it also creates skill gaps within workforces. As new technologies and trends grow in popularity, it is vital that you and your team can keep up. This is where upskilling comes in. Upskilling is a fairly recent concept […]

  • With Coronavirus spreading rapidly across the country, thousands of people are being advised to avoid social contact and stay at home. Not only is the outbreak causing havoc among businesses and individuals, but it is also threatening education and training as we know it. Here at TSG Training, we understand that there are many concerns […]

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been taking the world by storm in recent years, and now it is more readily available than ever. Put simply; it is the ability of computers to carry out tasks that are usually performed by people. Artificial intelligence applications are able to make decisions, communicate with users and much more. This […]

  • 1 Executive Summary Following extensive market research, this document sets out a vision for increasing the capability and competency of professional Test Engineers through a targeted learning and development programme. People passing through the programme will increase their own thinking, skills and competencies in multiple disciplines and, importantly, organisational capability to help deliver systems solutions […]

  • If you like to delve deeper into projects and understand how things work underneath the design, then a computer programmer may be the ideal career choice for you. As a computer programmer, you’ll be responsible for turning plans and programs made by software engineers, into the code that a computer (or another device) can follow. […]

  • Did you know that over 78% of the entire web is built using PHP? With this in mind, becoming a PHP developer is a much-wanted skill for businesses that require websites, applications, and programs. Whether you want to work for a start-up or massive enterprise, or simply create websites yourself, PHP is a fantastic skill […]

  • When it comes to choosing a career, it is important to choose one that will be prominent and relevant in the future, a job that pays well as you gain experience and skills, and a career that stimulates and fuels your desire for professional development. If you’re looking for a career that’s in demand now […]

  • CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. These are used when building webpages. Before we discuss CSS though, we must understand HTML. Web pages are usually created using HTML – Hypertext Mark Up Language. HTML is used to instruct the browser (e.g. Google’s Chrome or Apple’s Safari) on what and how to display a web page. […]

  • As automation plays an increasingly important role in the systems development process, employers have begun to accept the need for structure and qualification as a way of standardising things and getting a return on their investment. Join Rosie Sheldon as she talks you through the course. Key topics covered are What are the Test Automation […]

  • 1.  Project Staffing and the Role of the Skills Database What skills do we need to fulfil our corporate objectives? It’s a well-used question, but is it really the right one to ask as technology advances ever more rapidly than before? From my point of view, it is only half the question; the other half […]

  • Agile is a derivative of iterative development. Iterative development is often compared to what is called ‘traditional’ development.  Traditional development refers to projects where the requirements for a system are fully specified and documented up front.  The system is then built and tested to these specifications. Systems being developed to fulfil legislative or safety related […]

  • Today’s employers are, quite simply, looking for people who can bring multiple skills to the table and add versatility to existing teams as they seek to maintain primary, secondary and tertiary skills in their people. Indeed, gone are the days when we could specialise in one area and make a life-long career of it. No, […]



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