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Careers and Skills

  • When only 12 per cent of IT leaders feel they have the resources to achieve their IT goals in 2019, what are the skills and capability needs they face? Brian Runciman MBCS looks at what IT leaders told BCS. In early 2019 BCS published its annual survey of IT leaders, looking at what resource needs […]

  • Tim Nyland-Jones, Information Security Manager at Northgate Vehicle Hire, investigates why IoT software and interoperability are still a long way from being standardised. The ‘make it work, make it right, make it fast’ mantra is an oft-quoted one in the world of software development: Make it work: do the minimum necessary to create a product […]

  • Steve Williamson FBCS, Head in Internal IT Audit for GlaxoSmithKline, explores the opportunities and challenges of modern software development and the need for enhanced skillsets to address a range of cyber-threats. Is software development as much fun as it used to be? A couple of decades ago, a development team would use software engineering methods […]

  • A bit like a magician who turns a dream into a reality, software engineers have the ability to transform simple thoughts into tangible products. Responsible for building, developing, launching and maintaining systems, applications and platforms; software engineers are skilled enough to make the impossible, possible – a trait that is hugely attractive. According to a report […]

  • Pursuing a career as a business analyst can be a lucrative and rewarding option. If you are considering becoming a business analyst, then you might be wondering what skills you will need to thrive. Business analysts often have to juggle a lot of things all at the same time, and their skillsets need to be […]

  • Working as a project manager is not without its challenges. Whether you are an experienced project manager or new in the field, there are a few hurdles you will have to overcome along the way. Project managers need to be able to constantly stay on their feet and ensure that their projects run smoothly with […]

  • Artificial Intelligence and automation have been huge leaps into our new technology-driven world. Today we live in a time where cars can drive themselves, chatbots can respond intelligently to customer service inquiries, and business intelligence has been automated. While Artificial Intelligence has bought with it many opportunities, it is not without its challenges and risks […]

  • The Coronavirus pandemic has forced every business and every employee to completely change the way they work almost instantly. While COVID has brought with it many struggles and problems for the world, there are a few things that have changed for the better. Training and reskilling are going to be absolutely crucial to navigating the […]

  • It is no secret that there is a significant talent shortage when it comes to software testing engineers. Last year, Garter revealed that “talent shortage” was on their top 5 emerging risks which businesses face across the world. This risk stayed in their top five for a full year, leading to its removal from the […]

  • Pursuing a successful career as a risk manager involves identifying potential risks, minimising business losses and assessing profitability. In order to thrive as a risk manager, you will need a specific set of skills. As regulations and programmes are always evolving, risk managers must be ready to constantly learn new skills and adapt to new […]

  • Technology is what keeps a business running. Without functional technology, a business would not successfully be able to deliver client needs or reach strategic objectives. It is the IT support desk that connects every aspect of the business together and keeps things running smoothly. It is because of this that IT service desks are meeting […]

  • Business analysts are in high demand these days, and there an abundance of companies looking to recruit these roles. While the advantage is often in the candidates’ favour when it comes to business analyst recruitment, the interview is still vital. A job interview is all about finding out if you are a right for the […]

  • Business Analyst is a role that is growing in popularity, and many individuals are looking to undergo a career in the area. Like with many career paths, there are many ways to get your foot in the door to become a Business Analyst. A lot of people end up moving from roles within the IT […]

  • Further education and training in specific fields and industries has many benefits. Not only are accreditations and qualifications great for career development, but they also offer a world of benefits too. One of the most popular accreditations available is from ISTQB, particularly among those working within software testing and development. Whether you are an experienced […]

  • No matter the industry you operate within or the products and services you sell, your business will use software in one way or another. Whether you are selling applications to customers or your team use IT equipment for their daily roles, someone is always going to find problems along the way. Technology has brought endless […]

  • As more and more of the world becomes embedded within digital technology, the demand for software testers is rising exponentially. Software plays a far bigger role in businesses today than it did a few years ago, and organisations of all shapes and sizes depend on software to survive. Software and applications have improved standards, processes […]

  • The technology industry, and software engineering, in particular, is a fast-paced and highly competitive world. Everything we do these days is based around software in one way or another, and the demand for software engineers is ever-growing. Despite this increase in demand, the software industry is still very male-dominated. Women in software engineering are few […]

  • Software testing and development is a dynamic field. The role is continually changing to keep up with how software is used. This means that a multi-dimensional skill gap has emerged. Companies don’t have enough employees with the right skills, and many test engineers no longer have all the skills needed to fulfil their role. The […]

  •   1 Where, How And Why Virtual Classroom Delivery Began Mid-March 2020: I’m on the way into the office to deliver the second day of a four-day classroom course; the coronavirus pandemic is upon us. On the previous evening, I read that the UK government has advised people to work from home if possible, but […]

  • Working from home has been a growing trend for years, but the current Coronavirus pandemic has seen millions of workers set up office at home. Companies across all industries are struggling to continue their usual operations amid the UK lockdown, and that includes staff training and learning. Many individuals are getting used to their new […]



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