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  • Agile project management has been at the forefront of the software development world for over twenty years. It has revolutionised the way software is delivered and developed. Over the years, agile methodologies have spread to other industries because of its undeniable success. Any project with a specialist-client structure can benefit from agile project management. The […]

  • DevOps has quickly become one of the most popular productivity trends in the software industry. Because of the complexity of DevOps strategies, it can be confusing to get your head around. This is particularly true if you have never seen DevOps implemented during software development before. If you are new to the concept of DevOps, […]

  • It is no secret that we live in a fast-paced world where things change extremely quickly. The technology we use has a massive impact on our lives in both work and leisure. Some of the things we rely on today and take for granted didn’t exist at all a decade ago, so it is clear […]

  • Tracey Torble, IT service management consultant and author of Change Manager (a BCS publication) considers the role of change management in an agile world. Back in the day when information technology was dragging itself out of the swamp, approaches to technical change were many and varied. Technicians came to IT from a variety of disciplines […]

  • A well-known start-up in the UK, Moonpig is all about making someone’s day brilliant, writes Amanda Colpoys Lean, Agile & Growth Coach. An ecommerce business, it enables people to create personalised cards online which are then printed and sent to recipients. In addition, they offer a range of gifts and flowers. Moonpig was founded in […]

  • The Coronavirus pandemic has forced every business and every employee to completely change the way they work almost instantly. While COVID has brought with it many struggles and problems for the world, there are a few things that have changed for the better. Training and reskilling are going to be absolutely crucial to navigating the […]

  • Pursuing a successful career as a risk manager involves identifying potential risks, minimising business losses and assessing profitability. In order to thrive as a risk manager, you will need a specific set of skills. As regulations and programmes are always evolving, risk managers must be ready to constantly learn new skills and adapt to new […]

  • The technology industry, and software engineering, in particular, is a fast-paced and highly competitive world. Everything we do these days is based around software in one way or another, and the demand for software engineers is ever-growing. Despite this increase in demand, the software industry is still very male-dominated. Women in software engineering are few […]

  • As agile has become more and more mainstream, so has the demand for people with skill who can bring real value to business critical agile projects. With a compelling syllabus, the course concentrates on requirements engineering, testing in agile with development and experience based techniques, test automation an continuous deployment and delivery. People taking this […]

  •   1 Where, How And Why Virtual Classroom Delivery Began Mid-March 2020: I’m on the way into the office to deliver the second day of a four-day classroom course; the coronavirus pandemic is upon us. On the previous evening, I read that the UK government has advised people to work from home if possible, but […]

  • Technology is continuously advancing and changing the way we work. While this provides many opportunities for businesses, it also creates skill gaps within workforces. As new technologies and trends grow in popularity, it is vital that you and your team can keep up. This is where upskilling comes in. Upskilling is a fairly recent concept […]

  • The world of project management is ever-changing. When we look back at the industry a decade ago, it looks very different to how it does now. There were fewer tools and methodologies to use, projects were simpler, and teams were much smaller. Things have changed dramatically over the years and are still continuing to change […]

  • With Coronavirus spreading rapidly across the country, thousands of people are being advised to avoid social contact and stay at home. Not only is the outbreak causing havoc among businesses and individuals, but it is also threatening education and training as we know it. Here at TSG Training, we understand that there are many concerns […]

  • One of the most important aspects of any business is being able to speed up processes and work more efficiently. With an increased focus on customer satisfaction, shifts in the market and advances in technology, businesses need to adapt to remain competitive. Agile workflows are one of the easiest and most effective ways for a […]

  • Getting more completed in less time is a dream of every project manager. Scrum and Agile can help to accomplish this dream. What’s more, they are well known for boosting bottom lines, improving processes, and delighting customers. Some businesses are reluctant to implement Scrum and Agile into their workflows because of the learning curve required. […]

  • Agile testing has been around for many years and is now a very well-known methodology when it comes to software development. A huge number of development teams have adopted Agile testing in recent years, particularly those teams with a focus on continuous delivery. Agile testing generally involves high-level flexibility and collaboration between teams, as well […]

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been taking the world by storm in recent years, and now it is more readily available than ever. Put simply; it is the ability of computers to carry out tasks that are usually performed by people. Artificial intelligence applications are able to make decisions, communicate with users and much more. This […]

  • Why Test Engineers should be certified: whether a question or a statement – it seems a reasonable point to ask? Many years ago, a very good friend of mine suffered a catastrophic mental breakdown that would have seen the greater majority of us defeated; me included. However, after some stunning and experimental treatment, she learned […]

  • Starting a new role as a Scrum Master for any business can be daunting. Whether you are new to the Scrum Master role or have a wealth of experience, joining a new team means getting up to speed with new people, processes and products. In order to get a good idea of how your new […]

  • Whether you are new to the world of Agile principles, or are already knowledgeable on Scrum, becoming a certified Agile product owner opens up a whole load of new opportunities. Taking on the role of a product owner can be a daunting thought for many, but that is where TSG Training courses come in. We […]



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