Matt | 06 October 2020

Why Should There Be A Role For A Software Tester In All Businesses?

As more and more of the world becomes embedded within digital technology, the demand for software testers is rising exponentially. Software plays a far bigger role in businesses today than it did a few years ago, and organisations of all shapes and sizes depend on software to survive.

Software and applications have improved standards, processes and business prospects across almost every sector. This increase in the use of software amongst businesses and everyday lives means there is more demand than ever for software professionals. Most businesses today require software that runs smoothly and is fail-proof in order for them to succeed.

This means that every business can benefit from having a software tester as part of their team.

All Businesses Are At Risk Of Software Failures

Software failure can cause irrecoverable damage to a business. Thousands of businesses have fallen foul to poor software design in recent years, and it isn’t just inconvenient but also expensive. In 2018, it was reported that businesses all across the UK lost an enormous $2.84 trillion because of poor software quality.

A company experiencing software issues can have a real detrimental impact on its customers and reputation as well. It is not uncommon to hear stories of large enterprises being struck by a software glitch and making headline news. Major businesses including British Airways, O2 network, Facebook and more have all fallen foul to software problems in recent years.

All this simply shows the importance that high-quality software has on all kinds of businesses.

The Importance Of Software Testing

Software testing is the process of carefully analysing and evaluating applications as they are developed in order to meet specific requirements. This process is continuous and ongoing and works alongside the software development life cycle. At every phase of development and testing, the functionality and quality of the software are verified to ensure it meets requirements.

Software testing is not only vital for creating software that works efficiently and is bug-free, but it is also crucial for improving functionality and usability. There are many different types, techniques and methods of testing software. A software tester is someone who is trained and experienced in this field.

Adequately testing software is so vital for businesses of all shapes and sizes. It ensures that an application is of the highest quality and will satisfy a user’s requirements. Not only that, but software testing can lead to improved business optimisation and therefore lower maintenance costs.

Software that has been thoroughly tested will be more reliable and offer an improved user experience for customers. Whilst investing in software testers for all businesses might seem expensive, it can help a company reduce costs and improve revenue in the long term.

When it comes to software, most businesses only think of the developers and designers, but testing plays a vital role in the process. Development processes follow a software development life cycle, and the software testing stage is right behind the development stage. It is there to verify and validate the latest developments. This continuous process of validation and verification helps to deliver high-quality products.

At every stage of the cycle, the software will be checked for performance and efficiency. This helps to make sure that a software application closely aligns with both the business and technical parameters.

Why Every Business Needs A Software Tester

Now we have looked at the importance of software testing overall; it is important to understand why each individual business should have a software testing role. Here are just a few benefits to businesses:

Save Money

One of the biggest benefits of having a software tester within a business is cost-effectiveness. When bugs in a piece of software are caught in the early stages, fixing them is a much easier and cheaper job. Having a tester on hand to evaluate every stage of a project might seem like overkill, but in the long run, it can be very worthwhile.

A software tester is there to resolve all bugs. This is before they have the chance to become bigger, more expensive issues.

Increased Security

Security is of the utmost importance to all business, especially where user data is involved. Faulty or poorly designed software is often the most significant security risk for a company of any size. It leaves businesses open to hackers and viruses, all of which you can avoid with proper software testing.

Testing software ensures that users are getting a product they can trust, where they know data is safe. Furthermore, it provides peace of mind that the software avoids any vulnerabilities and risks.

Improved Quality

The purpose of software is to bring value to users, whether those users are employees or customers. When software doesn’t work as intended or is riddled with bugs, it isn’t going to provide a positive experience.

Software testing can improve the quality of business software and look at common pitfalls such as device compatibility.

Software Tester Training And Development

Testing software covers a huge range of models, methods and ideologies. It requires dedicated training and ongoing learning in order to master the trade. Becoming a software tester is worthwhile, especially as more and more business realise their value to a team.

Whether you are already an experienced software tester looking to take the next step in their career, or you are new to the software testing world but want to get it stuck, we are here to help.

At TSG Training, we have a range of software testing courses to meet all abilities. Our courses can be learnt online only or as virtual or classroom learning, so you can choose a learning method that suits you. Our ISTQB Software Testing Foundation Course is perfect for beginners or anyone who needs to be able to demonstrate their existing software testing knowledge.

We also have a collection of more advanced courses, including Test Techniques – Advanced Level, which offers practical guidance on the application of advanced test case techniques. If you aren’t sure which course is for you, or just want to learn more about our various subjects, you can choose from our range of free webinars. Our Software Testing Workshop webinar is taking place on 12th October 2020.