Why Should I Get ISTQB Accredited?

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Further education and training in specific fields and industries has many benefits. Not only are accreditations and qualifications great for career development, but they also offer a world of benefits too. One of the most popular accreditations available is from ISTQB, particularly among those working within software testing and development. Whether you are an experienced software tester already or looking to kickstart your career in the industry, a certification from ISTQB is a great choice. IT professionals have been using ISTQB accreditations to show their knowledge and skills for many years, and there are many reasons why you should consider getting ISTQB accredited.

What Is ISTQB Accredited And How Can I Get It?

ISTQB stands for International Software Testing Qualifications Board. Becoming accredited from ISTQB means you will have completed a standardised qualification for those who work in software testing. ISTQB qualifications follow a hierarchy, including foundation level, advanced level and expert level. Learners must start with the ISTQB Foundation Core level qualification and work their way through to higher levels. Both the foundation levels and advanced levels involve multiple-choice tests and once passed the certifications last forever. Unlike some other accreditations, there is no need to recertify with ISTQB.

Why Should I Get ISTQB Accredited?

There are many reasons to consider ISTQB accreditation, no matter what stage of your career you are in. We’ve already mentioned the fact that this qualification is standardised and leading the way in the industry. There is also the benefit of once you achieve the certification; you don’t need to take refreshers or re-sit any exams. However, ISTQB offers so much more than that.  Some of the key benefits of getting ISTQB accredited include;

Stand Out From The Crowds

You might have years of software testing experience and endless knowledge of working in the industry, but an ISTQB certification can help you stand out from the rest. Obviously, real-time knowledge is important, but ISTQB accreditation offers solid evidence and proof of your skills in the industry. More and more individuals are applying to software testing roles than ever before, and being ISTQB accredited can help you to stand out.

Get Through Initial Screening

As we mentioned above, being ISTQB accredited can help you to stand out from the rest. This is particularly true in the initial screening stages of the recruitment process. Hiring managers and HR staff often aren’t as clued up on the software testing industry as those who work within it. When they can clearly see a qualification and ISTQB certification, they will be more likely to pass your application through to the next stage of the process. It is important to remember that at most companies, initial screening is done by non-technical employees.

Stay Ahead Of Competitors

If you are already working in a software testing role, then you might think an ISTQB accreditation is useless. This certainly isn’t the case, as certification from ISTQB can help your company to stay ahead of its competitors. When you become accredited, not only will you improve your own confidence in your role as a software tester, but you will ensure you have a deeper knowledge of testing processes and practices. A skilled and accredited tester will be able to identify errors more efficiently.

Expand Your Opportunities

When you have been working in software testing for a few years, you might find that you have become limited to the software you have been testing every day. It is easy to lose touch with the best processes and practices if you are not using them on a regular basis. If you want to look for new software testing opportunities, you might struggle to keep up. For example, if you’ve been working as a Functional Tester for a while, then you might not be up to date with other types of testing. Being ISTQB accredited can help you stay up to date and relevant in the market.

International Recognition

ISTQB is the most popular software testing certification in the world. It is internationally recognised in 70 countries, meaning you will have worldwide recognition of your qualification. Wherever you want to look for your next role, your ISTQB qualification will be recognised. This can open up more advanced opportunities and give you the freedom to continue your career anywhere you please.

Reduce Your Costs

One unexpected but very valuable benefit of becoming ISTQB accredited is that you can reduce your costs. Technology insurance costs can often be reduced when you become certified by a recognised body like ISTQB. Many insurance companies offer cheaper premiums for software testers that are certified by ISTQB. This is not only good news for you as an individual but for any companies that are considering hiring you.

Meet Job Requirements

Many companies these days have actually made it a requirement for software testers to be ISTQB accredited. When looking at potential new roles, you will likely come across many job adverts that state ISTQB software testing certifications are a required skill.

ISTQB Training Courses

Here at TSG Training, we offer a collection of ISTQB training courses to help get you to your accreditation. Our courses are available for online and virtual learning so that you can study from the comfort of your own home. Our ISTQB Software Testing Foundation Course is the perfect introduction for anyone involved in software testing. It spans over three days and includes exam preparation, revision and the final exam after the course. ISTQB Advanced Security Tester is one of our advanced ISTQB courses, designed for those who are working as technical testers, security testers and more. This four-day course is perfect for testers looking to expand their knowledge and take that next step in their career. If you want to find out more about our ISTQB courses and software testing education, you can listen to our free webinars. Our ISTQB Certified Mobile App Tester Webinar provides insights into the various techniques, methods and processes used for testing mobile applications. Our team of experts discuss the benefits of the course and applying testing types to mobile applications.

Table of Contents

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