The Skills Gap In The Software Testing Industry Of The UK

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Software testing and development is a dynamic field. The role is continually changing to keep up with how software is used. This means that a multi-dimensional skill gap has emerged. Companies don’t have enough employees with the right skills, and many test engineers no longer have all the skills needed to fulfil their role.

The Reality For Technology Companies

Hunting for employees with the right skills is getting harder. Over half of employers have reported that candidates don’t have the required technical skills. Software testing is not the same as it was five years ago. This dynamic field has had to shift as technology changes. There has been a massive and consistent push towards automation in much software design. This means that traditional manual testing methods are no longer sufficient. The top skill that is looked for, along with testing methodology, is now test automation closely followed by Agile software development. Companies from many different industries are facing the reality of not having staff with the skills they need. 70% of employers within the technology sector are now anticipating that they will have staffing shortages. The finance sector has been leading the hunt for test engineers, but there is high demand in various industries, including retail, marketing, gaming, and publishing.

The Opportunities For Motivated Workers

With such demand for software test engineers with the right skill sets, salaries have been rising. The median wage in 2010 was around £30,000. It’s now at £40,000. This makes it a great time to break into this career path. If you already have experience in the sector but lack some of the more recent skills, such as working with automated software development, then you are ideally placed. Employers need staff with experience. If you are willing to undertake training in this new area, then you will become highly sought after talent. Many employers realise that they need to hire workers who have the skills and aptitudes to be great test engineers, even if they don’t yet have all the certifications. If you are looking to start or restart a career as a test engineer, then undertaking some training is a substantial investment. It is a way to show your willingness to improve and grow.

Training Based On Experience

We have developed five roadmaps to help anyone find the right training to suit them as they look to develop their abilities as test engineers. We designed these routes along with an industrial partner and ensured that all the outcomes map to SFIA, Industry-accepted core principles, competencies, and roles. Each of our roadmaps has a combination of developmental and certified courses. So, you will reach the other side with a broad skill set, as well as a recognised certification.

Less Than Two Years Experience/Completly New To Testing

Our test engineer stream is designed with a few different types of people in mind. The whole set of courses can form part of an apprenticeship. So if you complete it through a company, it will be 90% funded by the government. This makes it an ideal starting point for anyone entering the sector. This route is also suited to anyone who has some software experience but is new to testing. You can select the components that you need to fill in the gaps in your knowledge. The same is true for anyone who has a small amount of experience but needs formal training. On this stream, most people will start with Introduction to Test Engineering. This course provides a full grounding in the fundamental principles of testing and gives you experience at designing tests for given requirements. By following our suggested training courses, you will gain accredited certifications from ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualification Board). These will cover foundational skills, mobile app testing, Agile extension training, and advanced test analysis.

Between 2 – 4 Years Experience

We have two roadmaps that will be suitable for people with this level of experience. We have a Senior Test Engineer route and a Lead Test Engineer route. The Senior Engineer route will allow you to develop your specialised skillsets. Some of the skills on offer include Advanced Agile Testing, Agile Scrum, AI, Automated Testing, and Performance Testing. We also offer some introductory leadership training at this point. This allows you to start paving the way for your future career advancement. The Lead Test Engineer pathway allows you to specialise further and focus your skills. This route is for people who already have extensive testing experience. This is an excellent chance to develop some skills in security testing. This is a much sought after skill set. Taking this route can open up many opportunities if it’s something you are interested in.

5 Year Or More Experience And Moving Into A Leadership Role

For test engineers with lots of experience, we have two final routes. These are Test Architects and Consultants and Test Experts. Both of these routes offer training that will allow you to reach the top of your career. Completion of these training paths will give you the tools to take the lead in designing solutions and leading business-critical programmes. These are ideal for anyone who is looking to move into a consultancy role. Or is keen to drive change and improvements across a company.

Benefits Of Software Testing Training Courses With TSG Training

At TSG Training, we understand the changing demands of this industry and regularly refresh and update our course content to suit the dynamic nature of software testing. Our tutors are dedicated, experienced and supportive to help you achieve your best results. With our training courses, you get everything you need. This includes learning materials and access to tutors. Exams for certified courses are included, and you can have the opportunity to retake exams as required. We deliver courses to suit your needs. Furthermore, we have a range of learning methods to take advantage of. You can learn through traditional classrooms, virtual classrooms, online learning courses, and accelerated courses as well. We are confident that we can provide you with all the tools you need to jumpstart a successful career as a Test Engineer.

Table of Contents

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