Step By Step Guide To Starting a Successful Project Management Career

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So, you are considering starting a project management career, but as such a big industry, it can be overwhelming to know the best steps. Perhaps you just want to improve skills already learnt, you are just starting out, or you’re looking to acquire certain certifications to get to the next step. Here is a step-by-step guide to starting your successful project management career or enhancing it.

What is project management?

Project management is a complex field and a challenging career, and as a project manager, it is your job to be the leader of an entire project from the very conception to the planning, execution and completion. Therefore, to be a project manager, you need to be flexible and adaptable. As a project manager, you will:
  • Be a part of the creation process;
  • Execute the project;
  • Prepare methods of communication;
  • Find solutions and fix issues;
  • Solve issues quickly;
  • Monitor the whole of the project from beginning to end;
  • Connect the project to the business world and clients;
  • Be accountable for the success of the project.
  Project management generates £156.5 billion annually If you are entering project management as a career, you are among the 2.13 million FTEs in that sector in the UK. This is a profession that generates more than £156.5 billion annually. The government in the UK recently put the spotlight on project skills, which is a vital part of the UK economy. Two significant campaigns are levelling up and net zero, both of which require project managers before they can be delivered. However, they pointed out that there is a demand for project management professionals that isn’t covered by supply, so it is clear it is a career to get into as people are needed. So, where do you start?

Step one – Is a project management career the right choice for you?

The first step before jumping into a new career in project management is to make sure it is the right choice of career for you. Skills needed for success include:
  • Welcoming change with open arms;
  • Thriving on challenges;
  • Excel in organisation and communication;
  • Have great time management skills;
  • Have leadership skills;
  • Be a critical thinker;
  • Be able to make decisions under pressure;
  • A creative mindset;
  • Self-motivation;
  • Have a strategic focus.
If you can say yes to the above, a project management career might be the one for you.

Step two – Take a project management training course to become certified

The second step towards enjoying a successful career in project management is to take a training course. TSG Training offers a range of courses with something suitable for everyone, including those just starting out, with foundation courses to specific qualifications and disciplines. Although you can get into project management by starting on small projects and working up, certification is becoming a skill that is required for many organisations. Find the right project management course for you to help you reach your goals, whatever stage of your career you are at right now. Online courses offer a great deal as you can gain work experience while at the same time preparing for the qualification.

Step three – Choose your preferred area and apply for jobs

With certification behind you, you are now on your way to a successful project management career, and you can choose your preferred area and then apply to companies for a job. Project coordinator is a good starting point There are many different areas and roles in project management. For instance, you might start in your career as a project coordinator. This is a great starting point as you work alongside project managers as an assistant, so you can learn a lot along the way. It’s a great way to enjoy hands-on experience and helps when applying for more senior positions at a later date. Delve into new development project manager If you have a keen analytical mind, you might choose to enter into a new product development project manager position. Development managers are always in high demand across many sectors, and key duties include product development and marketing it. Information technology project manager Information technology project managers are also keenly sought, and if you have IT-related skills or you learn and acquire them, this is an interesting sector to enter into. Environmental research project manager If you are passionate about the conservation of the environment, you might consider entering into an environmental research project manager position. Typical duties involved include the creation and development of plans for projects, coordinating and scheduling. Whichever sector you choose to venture into as a project manager, you can be sure no two projects you work on will be the same, and you are continually learning throughout your career.

Take project management courses with TSG Training

If you are looking to start a career in project management, you might want to start with the APMG Agile Project Management Foundation course. You can take the virtual course over two days, and it covers operating in an agile fashion within a project framework. Delegates gain an understanding of the Agile Project Management process and how it helps with such as planning, management and control for predictable project deliveries. The PRINCE2® Foundation Course is another great starter course, with the training providing delegates with an understanding of the PRINCE2® project management method. The virtual course is taken over three days and gets delegates ready for the examination at the end of the course. If you are considering entering into project management as a career, you might want to check out this article about overcoming key challenges as a project manager. The article applies to both newcomers and those who already have experience. TSG Training has been in the industry for 20 years and offers public and private training in physical and virtual classrooms, along with online self-paced training. Trainers provide a lifetime of support, and pass rates are above the industry averages. Contact us today to find out how we can help you to get started on your successful project management career today.

Table of Contents

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