How DevOps Can Help Your Business Win In 2021 & Beyond

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DevOps has quickly become one of the most popular productivity trends in the software industry. Because of the complexity of DevOps strategies, it can be confusing to get your head around. This is particularly true if you have never seen DevOps implemented during software development before. If you are new to the concept of DevOps, then you might be wondering how it works and why you should use it. The DevOps strategy is all about improving communication between IT operations teams and development staff. However, it isn’t as straightforward as just encouraging these departments to work together. Every business will use DevOps slightly differently, so ultimately, the way it works is down to your teams. When you choose to adopt DevOps strategies, your corporate culture will need to adapt so that everything shifts from top to bottom. When you start using DevOps strategies properly, you will see your systems improve, and efficiencies increase. Because of the productivity aspect of DevOps, it is very successful at reducing the overall production costs of a project. This article looks at how DevOps can help your business win in 2021 and beyond:

Improve Employee Relationships

DevOps is all about friendly collaboration between software developers and IT operations. It doesn’t guarantee that these teams are going to become good friends, but this strategy will improve employee relationships. When you start using DevOps, every team works towards the same goal, so there is no reason for disagreements. By improving team morale, you can increase productivity and speed up work processes. These improvements can result in increasing profits for the organisation.

Fast Project Deployment

Any business which is able to release a product ahead of competitors will win the majority of the customers. It is crucial that your company is releasing products quickly and without any bugs or errors. Because even a one or two-day delay can ruin your plan, DevOps focuses on keeping your project on track. Software development is always going to be subject to some problems and mistakes. Using DevOps for your deployment strategy means that it is easier to identify and resolve these issues. Because DevOps helps you fix problems in the building stage, it means that there isn’t likely to be any major changes in the testing stage. Everything should be working to the project specifications, so the testing stage should only find minor errors.

Enhance Your Customer Experience

Having the ability to deliver quality software products in less time will enhance your customer experience. Your customers will have more trust in your brand and your ability to offer support. Because a successful DevOps implementation will satisfy your clients, you can expect to see a rise in sales too. Consumers who trust a business are also more likely to recommend them to friends and family. Word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools, so make sure you are using DevOps to your advantage.

Quick Problem Solving

The key focus of DevOps is getting developers and operations teams to collaborate together. Because of this, it is easier for your teams to identify problems and find a solution. Your software products will not need to repeat the same processes time and time again before going to market. Ultimately, your problem-solving processes will be cheaper and use up fewer resources. Therefore, your business can focus on new, innovative features and developing advanced products. You will no longer need to spend a lot of time fixing bugs and problem solving because this will have been done during production.

Encourage Business Growth

By bringing two key parts of your business together, DevOps can help to grow your company. When you integrate your operations and development, you have one team taking care of each stage of the project lifecycle. Development, testing, and operations are handled by one DevOps team, so everyone is working toward a common goal. DevOps technologies can help to automate certain processes, which will give these teams even more freedom. Automation can support rapid business growth because it cuts down the slow, manual processes. When you use DevOps, your business will have the tools to evolve rapidly. Adopting a DevOps strategy for your business is not a magic solution for all your current problems. However, it is an effective way of boosting collaboration, reducing costs, and encouraging IT and developers to work well together. With DevOps, your business will be able to create successful applications and software. The development process will be faster than ever before and at a lower cost. All this can give your teams room to focus on innovation and come up with new ideas.

Create Business Wins With DevOps

If you are considering moving your business over to DevOps strategies, then your whole team needs to be on board. At TSG Training, we offer DevOps courses that can help you and your business develop the necessary skills. Because we understand the complexities of DevOps, we are here to support your business. Some of our most popular DevOps courses include:
  • DevOps Foundation Certification Training: This course focuses on collaboration, integration, and automation in order to improve workflows. Both developers and IT operations teams will benefit from this foundation course. Based on the syllabus set out by the DevOps institution, trainees will learn DevOps concepts and the basic principles. This course aims to inspire trainees to be the advocate of change within their business.
  • SAFe DevOps Certification: On this two-day course, delegates will learn all about the role of DevOps. Focused on aligning with a SAFe enterprise, this course is a deep dive into how to use DevOps to improve time to market. There are no prerequisites for this course, but we recommend trainees have a minimum of six months of practical experience working in software teams.
  For more information on how DevOps can help your business in 2021 and for guidance on our courses, contact our team. Our training experts can answer your questions and provide specialist guidance.

Table of Contents

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