Automation Training Courses

Test Automation has increased in uptake significant in recent years on three different fronts:

  • The adoption of agile and its usage of automated regression packs
  • The amount of testing that can be run post-implementation for major systems
  • The potential return on investment available from automated testing on large and complex systems.

In this section, we span practical usage of automation, certification and a mix of the two. On the introductory side of things, we offer automation training courses both for Automated testing and Performance testing. On the certification side of things, we offer the ISTQB Advanced Test Automation Engineer course and the highly interactive iSQI Selenium WebDriver Foundation course.

It is now industry-accepted that automated regression and performance testing are key to success on many fronts, not least:

  • The ability to maintain and use high-coverage test packs in around 5% of the time it would to execute the same tests manually;
  • The ability to determine the performance, resilience and capacity of an application being implemented for the first time or modified.

Whichever way we look at things, automation is key to efficiency in time, coverage, and cost of testing. More than that, tools to manage automated testing and performance also provide significant levels of confidence about an application and inform decision-making. However, they are complex, and users find they benefit from a tools training course that is specific to their chosen product.

For more on specific tools training in these categories please see the ‘Tools’ section.

Introduction to Performance Testing, part of the Automation Training Courses

This comprehensive course covers all the essential principles of Performance Testing. Designed for beginners as well as testers with previous non-functional testing experience, it explains the different types of performance testing and why it is important, software & hardware requirements, how to design effective performance tests, test execution and analysis. This is a non-tool specific co...

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Introduction to Test Automation Course

Using a mix of classroom presentation, instructor led discussion and individual practical exercises, this course has ...

ISTQB Advanced Test Automation Engineer Provided by TSG Training

The ISTQB Advanced Test Automation Engineer Certificate Course is a three-day course explaining the tasks of a test a...

iSQI Certified Selenium WebDriver Foundation Tester Course

Selenium is the de facto standard for front-end test automation of modern web technologies due to the flexible and po...