This one-day, instructor-led workshop provides an excellent introduction to agile development and testing.  It provides a holistic view of agile from the management, customer, development and the test perspectives.

As customers and users become more demanding, ensuring projects meet their expectations becomes ever more challenging.  For many, agile has shown itself to be the ideal solution – but managing and working on agile projects introduces new challenges.  Ensuring that testing is integrated into projects effectively and successfully requires us to employ new skills, which are fully described in this workshop.

The workshop is highly-interactive, allowing delegates to learn from the experience of the instructor (and each other), and the flexibility allows the day to be tailored to the audience and address their specific requirements and issues.

By the end of the day delegates will have:

  • a better understanding of what is meant by ‘agile’ and the most effective ways of integrating testing into this approach;
  • insight into the many options available for agile development and testing, and guidance on selecting the optimal set for your project;
  • an awareness of the essential skills required to apply agile successfully and how to manage team-work challenges for agile testing;
  • an understanding of the key factors that make agile such an attractive proposition and guidance on its introduction.

Who is it for?

Are you considering moving into agile, or about to start your first agile project?  Or, are you already working on an agile project and feel that the testing could be better managed?  This course is for test analysts, business analysts, developers, customers and managers who need to know the most effective ways of managing and performing testing on agile projects.  It has also been found especially useful to the customers of agile projects (the product owners) as it explains how going agile affects their relationships with the testers and developers.

Workshop Materials

Each delegate will be provided with their own workbook containing copies of all slides and supporting text, and a copy of the TSG Training Agile Quick Reference Guide.





There are no prerequisites.


5 Key Workshop Sessions

  1. 1. Introduction to Agile Development: What is the philosophy behind agile and how does it differ from traditional approaches? What are the attributes of a successful agile project? What are the expectations and benefits from applying an agile methodology? What is Scrum and why are we covering it?
  1. 2. Agile Processes and Testing: How is Agile applied on a typical project and where does testing fit in? How does agile change our approach to testing? Do specialist testers have a role in agile projects? Is independent testing still needed or possible?
  2. 3. Options in Agile Projects: How does agile implementation change depending on your constraints and success factors? In what ways does agile change as we become more mature in applying it? How does outsourcing and offshoring affect agile?
  1. 4. Agile Teams and Roles: What makes agile so dependent on the people? How do we get the right mix of skills and personalities in our agile team?   How do leadership, empowerment, team-working, co-operation, trust, respect and communication influence agile success?
  1. 5. Making the Case for Agile: What evidence is there for the success of agile? How can we demonstrate the benefits of agile most effectively?  How should we introduce agile into our organization and which projects should we select?
1 Day

Course Dates

There are no dates scheduled for this location at the moment. Please call to enquire 08000 199337