Agile and DevOps Training Courses

At TSG Training we can offer a wide range of Agile and Devops training courses to help you and your business acquire the new skills you need to become Agile. Agile and DevOps are now mainstream methods for developing and implementing new and modified systems. Indeed, their uptake has been so prolific that they are now starting to dominate the profession.

As can be expected, the advent of new methods will always bring about an increasing need for new skills. Equally important, however, is that we learn and use new skills to build on existing skills to support new methods, thereby helping us to become ‘multi-skilled’ and, consequently, more valuable to our organisation and our own step-up the career ladder of.

To help you acquire the new skills you need to be valuable in the Agile and DevOps arenas, we have developed and now offer Agile Training and DevOps Training Courses:

  • A DevOps Foundation Course
  • An Introduction to Agile Testing Course
  • The iSQI Certified Agile Tester Course
  • The iSQI Scrum Master Pro course and certificate
  • An Agile for Product Owners course and certificate
  • The BCS Systems Development Essentials Using Agile course.

These Agile training courses and DevOps Foundation training course provide a well-rounded approach and deeper level of understanding for the new methods for all roles. Of course, the programming section offers more if you are looking for training courses that are more technical in nature and content.

Agile Testing part of the Agile Training Courses provided by TSG Training

This one-day, instructor-led workshop provides an excellent introduction to agile development and testing.  It provides a holistic view of agile from the management, customer, development and the test perspectives.  

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Devops Foundation Course, part of the DevOps Training Courses

This course is an introduction to DevOps. The course emphasizes communication, collaboration, integration, and automa...

iSQI Certified Agile Tester (CAT) Course provided by TSG Training

Agile has become increasingly popular over a number of years and is now recognised as a mainstream discipline that ha...

iSQI Scrum Master Pro part of the agile training courses

Over the past few years, Agile has quickly risen to prominence as organisations strive to realise value quicker by ad...

BCS Systems Development Essentials using Agile

Calling all prospective Systems Developers and Business Analysts! Does the idea of gaining an overview of the issues ...

Agile for Product Owners provided by TSG Training

When an organization makes the decision to adopt agile, it takes much more than pulling together a development team a...

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Tailored Training Courses

Our tailored training is based on single or multiple skilled roles defined by your organisational skills requirements, so that your staff get the training they need for them to do the job you want them to do:

  • We offer practical and certificate-based courses.
  • We deliver in our training locations around the UK, or at your location(worldwide).